Euler Lightning Cat transforms into a machine cat, equipped with a powerful core skills package.

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On October 31st, the long-awaited flagship model of the Euler brand, the lightning cat, was launched. The market response was enthusiastic, and the next day, Euler officially announced that it had received orders for 15,300 vehicles.

In the history of the Euler brand, there has never been a lack of popular models–the black cat and good cat are both hot-selling models. However, the response to Euler’s lightning cat is even more astonishing. The entry price of this car has already reached 1.898 million yuan. If all are high-scoring papers, the difficulty of this test is much greater.

Why Can Euler’s Lightning Cat Get High Scores?

Euler’s Lightning Cat is still a “cat” and inherits the product genes of the Euler “Cat Series” family. The design philosophy of Euler’s Lightning Cat is called “Ultra Streamlined Pure Electric Sedan”. The core design language of the appearance is arc-shaped elements and lines. Although this is inherited from the brand design concept, the sedan posture better highlights the fit, depicts the dynamic and charming curves, and makes Euler’s lightning cat the most eye-catching car among the vast flow of cars. The interior uses a large area of leather wrapping, which not only has a good feel, but also has an instant texture.

However, in the market where the main sales prices are above 200,000 yuan, relying solely on appearance is not enough to satisfy everyone. If you look closely at Euler’s lightning cat, it is like Doraemon and comes with many skill packages that can bring users the surprise of discovery in every use.

Regarding intelligent electric vehicles in today’s era, the two most important skills are intelligent driving level and battery safety and performance.

The answer to these two questions by Euler is–ORA-PILOT 3.0 intelligent assisted driving system, which enables it to achieve the highest level of leading driving assistance in the same level; Euler’s lightning cat “worry-free battery” together with the cage-type super-strong body, guarantees Euler’s lightning cat’s strong electric drive performance, endurance mileage, and vehicle safety.

Euler’s Lightning Cat will usher in a new era of the brand: still visually attractive, with enhanced power, deploying soldiers and horses to compete in the Central Plains.

The so-called Central Plains, which is the mainstream market for electric vehicles.

Integration solution, smarter and stronger intelligent driving

Euler’s lightning cat provides an L2+ level intelligent driving assistance system, which undoubtedly meets the increasing demand for intelligent driving from consumers.To meet the intelligent driving needs of consumers, there are two technical routes in the industry. One is to assemble various advanced sensor devices and high-computing chips regardless of cost, hoping to create competitiveness by “piling up” and actively applying new functions; the other is to provide stable and reliable intelligent driving assistance based on mature and economical hardware.

The route of Euler Lightning Cat is compatible with both.

In terms of sensor devices, Euler Lightning Cat adopts a fusion solution of vision + radar + high-precision maps, with a total of 28 smart sensors installed in the vehicle, including one ADAS intelligent front camera, four side cameras, four surround cameras, five millimeter wave radars, twelve ultrasonic radars, and 5G multi-satellite SD+HD high-precision maps, as well as 5G speed linkage to ensure communication. This configuration is the logic of using existing mature sensor devices to the extreme, and can achieve the strongest perception capability at the same level.

At the same time, Euler is equipped with the ORA-PILOT 3.0 intelligent driving assistance system, which can achieve 29 L2+ level intelligent driving assistance functions. Among them, the HWA+ NOH high-speed navigation driving assistance system provides users with a better driving experience. When this function is activated, within the range of high-precision map coverage in high-speed and urban expressways, users can achieve intelligent driving assistance from point A to point B according to navigation.

In addition, ORA-PILOT 3.0 also includes full-scene active safety, automatic recognition of traffic signs, 200+ full-scene automatic parking system and other functions, all of which satisfy the rigid requirements of intelligent driving.

Euler Lightning Cat’s intelligent driving system is based on Great Wall Motors’ Coffee Intelligence GEEP electronic architecture, which ensures that all functions are fused at the chip level and all software is self-developed. This means that ORA-PILOT 3.0 has higher reliability and upgradability.

The intelligent cabin of Lightning Cat

Moreover, Euler Lightning Cat is also equipped with ORA-SPACE intelligent cabin, which uses Qualcomm 8155 chip and provides full-scene voice interaction, senseless entry, senseless quick start, W-HUD head-up display, scene intelligent services, and rich online content. Integrating intelligent driving and intelligent cabin, Euler Lightning Cat provides consumers with a first-class intelligent experience.## For the First Time in China, Spiral Rolling and Falling Challenge

When it comes to power batteries, people always think of CATL and BYD, whose products with sharp names challenge people’s senses in various tests.

However, the latest thrilling power battery test is dominated by Euler Lightning Cat.

Euler Lightning Cat High-Speed Spiral Rolling and Falling Challenge

On October 20, Euler Lightning Cat conducted the first domestic electric vehicle high-speed spiral rolling and falling challenge. At the challenge site, Euler Lightning Cat rushed to the spiral single-sided bridge at a speed of 60 km/h, rolled several times in the air, and fell into a pit. From the highest point of the vehicle to the bottom of the pit, the maximum drop was over 6 meters.

After the rollover and landing of Euler Lightning Cat, the overall vehicle structure remained intact, the doors could be opened smoothly, the airbags detonated normally, and emergency functions such as hazard lights and E-CALL were all activated.

As for the power battery, which is of most concern to people, on the one hand, the high-voltage line was automatically cut off, and on the other hand, no combustion, leakage, and other incidents were detected. This means that if similar incidents occur, the power battery will not pose a safety threat to passengers and drivers.

The power battery of Euler Lightning Cat has two levels of protection to successfully complete the rolling and falling challenge. One is the battery pack is strong enough; the other is the body is sturdy enough.

The “Worry-Free Battery” carried by Euler Lightning Cat always adheres to the Euler’s philosophy of “user safety first” and takes safety as the highest priority. In order to assemble a safe battery pack, it adopts innovative system design of the battery pack, which has five safety protections in structural safety, voltage safety, insulation safety, isolation safety, and intelligent safety. They are “multiplied” in a layer-by-layer manner to ensure the safety of the battery pack.

Lightning Cat Battery Pack Schematic

Above the battery pack is the overall vehicle body.

Euler Lightning Cat adopts a cage-like body design for the whole vehicle, which protects the passenger compartment and battery pack. When the collision occurs, on the one hand, the use of high-strength steel can withstand high-intensity impacts and maintain no deformation; on the other hand, the collision deformation zone can absorb energy as much as possible, so that the passenger compartment and battery pack are minimally deformed, ensuring safety.With the support of the power battery system, the Euler Lightning Cat also has outstanding electric drive capabilities: the longest range version CLTC can travel 705 km under the standard of CLTC; the four-wheel-drive version supports a maximum power of 300 kW, achieving 0-100 km/h acceleration in 4.3 seconds.

Such performance in electric drive, endurance, and energy supplementation makes the Euler Lightning Cat stand out among its peers, providing sufficient reasons for consumers attracted by its appearance to place orders.

Euler Lightning Cat opens a new brand era

On August 20, 2018, the Euler brand was established.

The Lightning Cat was born more than four years after the establishment of the Euler brand.

“The older the three-year-old, the older the five-year-old.” The appearance of the Euler Lightning Cat was also a watershed event—the Euler brand before the Lightning Cat laid the foundation for a beautiful and trendy brand image; Euler after the Lightning Cat must evolve into a high-quality brand.

Brand growth undoubtedly requires stronger technical and product support, and this chapter will begin with the Euler Lightning Cat.

At the beginning of the electric vehicle market, following the popular trend of disruptive innovative products, such as the women’s market, short-distance commuting market, and high-end toy market. However, as innovative products are widely adopted, the penetration rate develops into the mass purchase stage, and consumers converge with the consumption structure of traditional cars.

Against this background, B-segment cars also began to electrify on a large scale. Euler seizes the opportunity to respond to consumer needs and launches the Euler Lightning Cat, a B-segment pure electric coupe that confronts many strong opponents head-on.

From the moment when the Lightning Cat was born, it targeted the global market. In last month’s Paris Motor Show, the Euler Lightning Cat and Good Cat, and Good Cat GT made a high-profile appearance together. Euler’s strategy to enter Europe has officially begun. At the auto show, Euler announced that Good Cat had officially launched in Europe, and the Lightning Cat will also be on sale next year.

Euler's slogan "Euler of the World"

In addition to Europe, Euler products such as Good Cat have already been exported to Thailand and other countries, and have been well received by local consumers. Euler plans to go further in Israel and other countries by 2023. The Euler brand will accelerate its landing in various countries around the world, and the Lightning Cat will also play the role of a pioneer.

“Euler’s positioning as the ‘car brand that loves women more’ has never changed.” Starting from the concept of “loving women more,” Euler will create a user experience that “makes women happy and men feel at ease” by caring for individual women and their families as the brand becomes upgraded.Thus, Euler has opened up a vast blue ocean market, coupled with the exploration of international market, Euler has the ability to challenge higher explosive brand standards.

Currently, Euler’s Lightning Cat is still attracting consumers with rich listing rights, including hardcore discounts such as a 2000 yuan deposit for a 6000 yuan car purchase and ten thousand yuan interest subsidies. Before the subsidy officially expires in 2023, consumers who are interested in pure electric sports cars undoubtedly have a good choice of purchase.


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