Article|New Energy Vehicle Penetration Rate Soars in China in 2022

In 2022, the penetration rate of new energy vehicles in China is surging. Despite the halving of taxes and fees for conventional vehicles, new energy vehicles remain unaffected with a penetration rate of 30.2% in October, an increase of 11% YoY.

With the continuous improvement of charging infrastructure and the increase in range, the maturity of technology is becoming higher, making consumers more willing to purchase new energy vehicles. Of course, this is also inseparable from the guidance of car companies.


In the recent “Great Wall Motor New Energy Vehicle Buying Festival・11.11 Crazy Sale”, Great Wall Motor’s new energy matrix delivered such an answer sheet- total order volume of 40,000+, expected sales of 2 billion+, and a total online viewing of 19.3952 million people, with a cumulative online interaction volume of 24550.954 million people.

It has to be said that the transformation of automotive consumption to new energy is the trend, but how fast it will happen still needs to be seen from the front of the car. “Great Wall Motor New Energy Vehicle Buying Festival・11.11 Crazy Sale” is one of the most critical catalysts.

The event started on November 1 and lasted for one month. Great Wall Motors’ Haval, Wey, Euler, Tank, and Great Wall Cannon all completely entered the currently most popular e-commerce live streaming method with “Premiere Day,” “Super Brand Day,” and “Carnival Celebration” as the online battlefields, ultimately achieving remarkable results.

So, why is this crazy sale so crucial in accelerating the popularization of new energy vehicles?

First Things First, Great Wall Motor Takes the Lead

Firstly, this is the first exclusive shopping festival for new energy vehicles in the industry.

E-commerce for consumer goods during the Double Eleven Day can be said to be surging. Almost all APPs make shopping the ultimate profit target. In this traffic feast, new energy vehicles should naturally have a place.

“Great Wall Motor New Energy Vehicle Buying Festival・11.11 Crazy Sale” leads the way and becomes a successful commercial case that all new energy brands will need to learn in the future.

ImageTo promote the event, Great Wall Motors has mastered all the core techniques of traffic influx. With numerous attraction methods, such as million subsidies, thousands of luxurious gifts, limited quantity sales of hot models, and surprise Apple phone giveaways, they exposed their new energy products under the Great Wall Motors family in a short period of time with high frequency, enabling more consumers to discover the excellence within. Meanwhile, this car purchasing extravaganza also emphasizes the brand’s advanced image.

Facing the consumer feast, Great Wall Motors’ new energy product matrix has taken the lead.

Next, “The Great Wall Motors New Energy Car Purchasing Festival・11.11 Crazy Sale” is designed from a user’s way of thinking.

In this growth period of the new energy track, we must pay attention to the deeper issues that come with what consumers need, what kind of new energy car they need, and what kind of approach they use to accept new energy cars. On the one hand, all new energy brands need to reflect on themselves, know what their core is, understand the path forward and, at the same time, need effective commercial means to accomplish the consumption.

Great Wall Motors uses a carnival to communicate deeply with consumers; surface-wise, it brings a “win-win” situation for users to “spend less money, buy good cars” and for companies to “increase sales and brand elevation.” The deeper significance lies in testing the weight of products in consumers’ hearts with real purchases.

Effective marketing approaches are essential in the process of an increasing penetration rate of new energy cars.

Through November 4th’s “Ora Super Brand Day,” November 5th’s “Haval Super Brand Day,” November 6th’s “Weipa Super Brand Day,” November 7th’s “Tank Super Brand Day,” and November 8th’s “Great Wall Cannon Super Brand Day,” all outstanding products have been displayed in the brand’s official livestream channels. Hosts interact with viewers and solve the issue of information asymmetry. It’s also a channel to achieve purchases.

Solving the issue of information asymmetry allows consumers to intuitively understand the products, and by solving the issue of channel asymmetry, consumers can obtain prices after concessions without middlemen profiting from the price difference. After the super brand days, there is also the “Carnival Festival” on November 10th. Using the “long-tail theory” during the remaining time in November will enable the aftershocks of the event to spread, providing consumers who are interested in learning about Great Wall Motor’s new energy matrix product information with enough time to test drive and make a purchase decision.Based on the interim results presented earlier, the overall competitive strength is remarkable. After the month-long Great Wall Motor New Energy Vehicle Purchase Festival, what kind of data will be announced in the end? I am extremely eager to find out.

The Strength of the Whole System Comes into Play

Of course, this is also a critical test for Great Wall Motor.

For a long time, Great Wall Motor has always been a leader in the independent brand gasoline car field, with numerous excellent models. This time, it has made every effort to create a car-buying feast exclusively for new energy vehicles, which actually demonstrates Great Wall Motor’s determination to develop new energy vehicles.

The third-generation H6 DHT-PHEV, the Haval beast DHT, and the H-DOG demonstrate Haval’s new position as a “new energy SUV expert”. The third-generation H6 DHT-PHEV is considered a new departure for the national god car in electrification. With the power combination of a 1.5T hybrid dedicated engine and a 2-speed DHT, it achieves an output close to that of a 3.0T engine and energy consumption lower than that of a 1.5T engine model. This level is still in line with the “god car” standard in the field of green travel.

Mocha DHT-PHEV and Latte DHT-PHEV lead the high-end intelligent new energy product line. In particular, the Mocha DHT-PHEV, a long-endurance vehicle, is equipped with Xiao Wei’s voice recognition system as standard throughout the series. Its voice control level surpasses that of new carmakers, and it also has rare AI face recognition at its level. After successful recognition, many details of the cabin can be set, such as the angle and position of the seat, air conditioning temperature, etc., which allows the luxurious cabin to show a higher-end intelligent performance.

Hao Mao, Ballet Cat, and Lightning Cat start from differentiation, presenting new value for new energy vehicles with ultra-high appearance and excellent comprehensive strength. The most popular Lightning Cat has achieved broader coverage of the consumer market and has exceeded the ceiling in terms of endurance and intelligence in the new energy consumption market at the level of 200,000 yuan, with excellent sales performance.

The Tank 300 HEV and Tank 500 PHEV have ushered in a new era of Tank’s energy off-roading, bringing better performance outputs and lower fuel consumption while maintaining the luxurious feel and outstanding off-road performance. During the event, the brand reached a milestone of 200,000 cumulative sales. In this context, the brand also released limited edition products, 10 Tank 300 and 10 Tank 500 popular models, allowing Tank fans to join the “200,000 vehicles co-creation season” carnival.

In addition to the highly adaptable Great Wall Cannon and the family car that is popular for travel, camping, and fishing, Great Wall also had a conversation with fans about pickup truck culture and offered a benefit of RMB 9.9 to reserve and win a voucher worth RMB 10,000 for car purchase. It fulfills the promise of the car-buying festival “spending less money to buy a better car” while sorting and prospecting the development and future of products, allowing like-minded people to seek more resonance and recognition here.

In each circuit, Great Wall has highly competitive products to showcase its strength in technology and layout.

The Great Wall Lemon Hybrid DHT is a hybrid technology that completely independently designed, self-researched, and broke through the technology barrier of joint venture hybrid. It achieves a perfect balance between power and economy in all scenarios and all speed domains, making it a hybrid all-rounder.

On the pure electric circuit, Great Wall has a complete industrial chain advantage, including research and development and production of automotive power battery materials, battery cores, modules, PACK, BMS, energy storage, solar energy, as well as a range of technologies such as Dayu battery and Wuyou battery. These independently-developed and produced technologies broaden the scope while ensuring high-quality and raise the gross profit margin per vehicle, thus enabling further investment in research and development.# Layout the Future, Great Wall Motors Builds the Leading Vehicle-class “Hydrogen Power System” All-scenario Application Solution – “Hydrogenation” Technology, once again, has made profound technical reserves in advance, waiting for the next outbreak period.

“Three tracks parallel” development path of hybrid, pure electric and hydrogen energy, and the perfect adaptation to China’s 3060 carbon goal, the continuously improved layout of new energy industry will further promote industrial development and play a positive and important role in the process.

In conclusion

Better products, great brand, more promotions, I want them all as an adult’s choice.

Focusing on products, brand, and channels is the declaration of Great Wall Motors facing the era of electrification. The “Great Wall Motors New Energy Car Buying Festival・11.11 Crazy Sales” is a successful and efficient attempt, as well as an innovative display of communication with users on a completely new consumption track.


According to the data of the China Passenger Car Association, the current penetration rate of domestic brand new energy passenger cars has reached 52.9%. In other words, for every 10 domestic brand car models sold, 5 are new energy vehicles. The penetration rate of new energy vehicles in mainstream joint ventures is only 4.6%. At the critical time node when China’s automobile industry is moving upwards as a whole, the “Great Wall Motors New Energy Car Buying Festival・11.11 Crazy Sales” has accelerated the development of the enterprise’s new energy and empowered the Chinese automobile industry. With the continuous improvement of the industry chain, the sales channels are fully opened, and sales activities will come out in various forms. In the future, there will be more room for China’s automobile industry to move upwards.

Perhaps, when the country completes its carbon reduction and energy saving strategy, you will definitely remember November 2022 when the first 11.11 for new energy vehicles began.

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