Over 10 million kilometers, Motherson Invenzen-Xinchen releases latest user-assisted driving mileage data.


Today, Horizon Robotics released a set of data: as of yesterday, the total mileage of assisted driving provided by Horizon’s users has exceeded 10 million kilometers, with a maximum single driving distance of 393.4 kilometers. From January to May this year, the monthly installation rate of Horizon’s assisted driving system, HPilot, exceeded 200%, and vehicles equipped with Horizon’s HPilot have driven in 339 cities in China. The top 5 cities with the most frequent use of assisted driving are Shanghai, Chengdu, Beijing, Chongqing, and Guangzhou.

Horizon Robotics is one of the few suppliers in the industry to have realized intelligent driving workflow development and standardized delivery. In just over two years after its establishment, Horizon has completed the project initiation, R&D, and large-scale production of HPilot, which has been successfully installed on a total of 6 models of Great Wall Motors, including WEY P8, VV6, VV7, Haval F7, Tank 300, and Tank 500. In terms of functions, Horizon Robotics has already implemented the landing of the HWA high-speed intelligent driving system and the NOH smart navigation assisted driving system. In the next stage, Horizon’s main task is to implement the NOH city navigation assisted driving system.

In addition, Horizon also released a set of data on the city navigation assisted driving system NOH. Although this system is still in the demo phase, it has already achieved a passing rate of 70% at intersections and a lane-changing success rate of over 90%. According to the previous information provided by Horizon, NOH is currently being polished in Beijing and Baoding, and it is expected to be officially launched at the end of June.

At the previous Horizon AI Day, Horizon also gave out its “100+100” plan, which is to implement NOH in more than 100 cities and equip over 1 million passenger vehicles with the system.

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