Lantu FREE lands in Northern Europe, and the first overseas Lantu space opens in Norway.

On June 11th, Norwegian time, the first overseas RANZ space opened in the center of Oslo, Norway, located at Klingenberggt. 7, Oslo. RANZ FREE launched in the Nordic region for the first time.

More than 100 guests from the Chinese Embassy in Norway, Germany, the Netherlands, Israel, European media, overseas users, etc. attended the opening ceremony. RANZ FREE was launched for reservation in Norway simultaneously and is expected to start delivery to Norwegian users in the fourth quarter of this year.

CEO & CTO of RANZ, Lu Fang, stated:

As a high-end new energy brand launched globally by Dongfeng Motor Corporation, RANZ is committed to promoting products that perfectly integrate driving performance and intelligent technology worldwide, actively shaping the influence of Chinese brands globally.

The opening of the first RANZ space in Northern Europe is the first step for RANZ to enter the global market. RANZ will rely on Dongfeng’s strong overseas resources, innovative technology, and business models to continue to expand overseas markets and lead the new era of Chinese brands’ going global, bringing new intelligent electric car experiences to global users.

Li Zhi Jun, the first secretary of the Chinese Embassy in Norway, said:

China’s electric vehicle industry has a leading advantage globally. It is very wise for RANZ to choose the Norwegian market as its first stop overseas, seize the opportunity of Norway’s electric vehicle industry leading the world, and demonstrate China’s brand confidence and strength in participating in globalization competition.

At the opening ceremony of the RANZ space in Oslo, Norway, the famous Norwegian explorer Aleksander Gamme, who had walked through Antarctica, served as RANZ’s brand ambassador in Norway and was also one of the first experience users of RANZ’s electric cars in Norway.

The Nordic expert team participating in the test drive evaluation indicated that RANZ FREE “is designed for Europe”; potential users who experienced RANZ FREE in Norway were impressed with the appearance, interior, and smart cockpit of the RANZ FREE.

After test driving the RANZ FREE, the local Norwegian partner believed that “the vehicle is very agile under sports mode, with excellent power performance, braking performance, and wind noise performance”; “the chassis tuning, stability, support, and comfort of the driving experience surpassed traditional European luxury brands in the same class”.

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