March's Complete List of New Energy Vehicles: Skyworth ME5 Challenges Nezha U / Xiaopeng G3i / Weltmeister EX5.

Author: Feng Jingang

Focus Overview

Recently, after publishing the article “A 4,000-word Review of the Sky ME5: The Best Choice for a 150,000-Level Intelligent Electric Vehicle | Test Drive Report,” we have received a lot of positive feedback from readers, who have highly praised the product strength of ME5.

ME5’s outstanding product strength is also directly reflected in the sales performance of Sky Auto. In terms of the number of insurance policies, Sky Auto was the most eye-catching new force in March, with the first delivery of over a thousand units, completing a sales upgrade.

In terms of model performance, ME5 delivered 1060 units, an increase of 327.42% MoM, and ME7 delivered 11 units, an increase of 10.00% MoM. As the second model of Sky Auto, ME5 has started to exert its strength and become the mainstay of Sky Auto’s sales.

The reason why Sky ME5 has started to exert its strength lies in the fact that there are no obvious product weaknesses and it also benefits from the power configuration of “China Core” range extender, which makes it very competitive among new energy vehicles of the same level.

With the exertion of ME5’s strength, the market structure for compact SUVs in the new energy vehicle market is also changing, and the top four competitors are now the NETA U, the XPeng G3i, the WM EX5, and the Sky ME5. Judging from the enthusiastic anticipation of users for the Sky ME5, it is highly likely to catch up with or even surpass the XPeng G3i and the WM EX5, and even challenge the NETA U.

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