Jike Live Face-to-Face: 8155 Upgrade Open This Year; The Dedicated Air Suspension Production Line for Weiback Has Been Launched.

Today@ZEEKR Live Season 2 was held in Hangzhou by Jidu Auto on which the questions of users concerning the supplementation system, OTA upgrade and the supply chain were answered.

Dedicated production line for suspended parts opened

Regarding the supply chain, Jidu Auto expressed that after multiple rounds of communication with the suspended parts supplier, Webuck, the dedicated production line for Jidu Auto’s 001 suspended parts has been put into operation. The overall production and delivery of Jidu Auto 001 will continue to improve. At the end of this month, a new batch of core spare parts will arrive and the production and delivery in April will be improved.

7kW home charging pile to be launched in April

Regarding the supplementation system, as of March 20th, ZEEKR Power’s self-built charging stations have been launched in 20 cities nationwide;

The charging map continues to access the mainstream operators nationwide, and the third-party charging network has covered nearly 320,000 charging terminals in 331 cities nationwide;

Mobile charging services have been launched in 30 cities, and mobile charging car services have been launched in six major cities nationwide;

Home installation services have served 281 cities and provinces and a 7kW home charging pile is planned to be launched on ZEEPER Mall in April.

Jidu Auto stated that it will increase the construction of its service system first in 2022. By the end of 2022, the scale of Jidu Auto stores nationwide will exceed 300, including Jidu centers, Jidu spaces, Jidu delivery centers, etc., providing all-around services to users’ car life.

Snapdragon 8155 upgrade available within the year

During the live event, in response to users’ concerns about the car system chip issue, Jidu Auto announced that the Snapdragon 8155 chip upgrade for Jidu Auto 001 will be open within the year, but it is not yet clear whether it will be a paid upgrade. hopeful that the performance enhancement would greatly improve the smoothness of Jidu Auto 001’s car system.

ZEEKR OS 2.0 Official Release PushedThe first batch of features pushed by the ZAD extreme intelligent driving assistance system includes: ACCQA adaptive cruise control with queuing function, AEB forward collision mitigation, LDW lane departure warning, FCTA forward crossroad oncoming vehicle warning, etc. Among them, FCTA forward crossroad oncoming vehicle warning function is a newly added feature in the ZAD intelligent driving assistance system basic package.

ACCQA adaptive cruise control with queuing function can be activated in the full speed range (0-150km/h), and it has follow-up cruise and automatic start-stop functions. Even at a speed of 1km/h, this function can still be used normally.

In addition, in the official version of ZEEKR OS 2.0, there is also a new charging abnormality indication reminder function, and optimizations have been made to the video software playback settings, face recognition and fatigue driving detection, steering wheel and exterior rearview mirror heating performance, as well as various system energy consumption displays.

At the same time, in response to user feedback and suggestions on the ZEEKR OS 1.1.1 version, this upgrade has also improved and optimized the functions of automatic door experience, One-pedal mode experience, vehicle system version display, and boot response.

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