Tesla's Top 10 most-watched issues in Q4 2021 earnings report.

Tesla Q4 2021 Earnings Call: Top 5 Questions from Retail and Institutional Investors

As the Tesla Q4 2021 earnings call is approaching, which questions are most concerning to both retail and institutional investors? A U.S. investment service company, SAY, has summarized and polled the questions that Tesla shareholders are most interested in, and the high-voted questions after authenticated shareholder voting are expected to be answered in the conference call.

Below are the top 5 questions voted by both retail and institutional investors, let’s take a look at what their biggest concerns are respectively.

Retail Top 5

  1. As free cash flow growth far exceeds Capex, how will you handle the large amount of cash? Speed up the construction of the super factory? Speed up battery production? Provide funding for your own Robotaxi fleet and Grid Storage? Any other plans? What are you thinking?


  1. What is the current capacity of the 4680 battery cell? Please explain the progress of self-produced cells and structural battery pack production.


  1. Tesla is growing rapidly, is Tesla also advancing customer service at the same speed? How do you plan to provide better car services under this high growth rate?


  1. Will there be a stock split? For us retail investors, a stock price over $1000 makes it difficult to afford. And stock splitting is also conducive for Tesla to enter the Dow Jones Index.


  1. How is the progress of the $25,000 compact car? Can you provide some new information?


Institutional Top 5

  1. Since we are discussing product roadmaps today, how do you view home refrigeration and heating in the context of accelerating the transition to sustainable energy, and how does Tesla’s HVAC and heat pump progress adapt to it?

Image2. Have you considered splitting the FSD package into “permanent” and “term” (i.e., the lifespan of the vehicle) license forms? Would there be two license forms available, with higher level commercial use of FSD as an option? Could a permanent license be attached to an individual or business rather than to a vehicle?


  1. Considering SpaceX is expanding satellite-based data communication on a large scale, is there any plan to add satellite receivers to Tesla cars, or further expand communication capabilities? Please answer the question with the relevant closed-platform product supply plan.

Satellite receiver

  1. You mentioned the AI robot Optimus project at the end of last year. Do you have any thoughts on initial use cases, customers (including the number and scale), or other aspects?


  1. When do you plan to launch your insurance services in all states? What about other countries? In the market with Tesla Insurance, what benefits do you see?


According to reports, Tesla’s Q4 earnings call is expected to take place on Wednesday, January 26, 2022 at 5:30 pm Eastern Standard Time (6:30 am Beijing Time on January 27th).

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