Geek+ establishes an Intelligent R&D Center in Shanghai and is hiring for intelligent R&D positions.

According to the official news from Zeekr, Zeekr has established an intelligent research and development center in Shanghai and is recruiting for intelligent R&D positions.

According to Zeekr’s official announcement, they are currently recruiting for research and development talent in the fields of intelligent driving, intelligent cockpit, electronic software, vehicle architecture, as well as related positions in user and ecological domains.

Currently, Zeekr has a research and development team of nearly 10,000 people in software, new energy and other areas, and the innovation center established in Europe (CEVT) has more than 2,000 automotive engineers.

This time, the scale of Zeekr’s Shanghai intelligent R&D team is expected to reach about 1,500 people, with core businesses covering intelligent cockpit, digital cockpit, software and electronics, and other areas. Zeekr hopes to seize the initiative in the fiercely competitive new energy market.

Entering 2021, Geely has opened up in the field of intelligence by signing strategic agreements with Tencent, establishing “Jidu” with Baidu, establishing “Fujikang” with Foxconn, and establishing “Zhima Da” with Mercedes-Benz. Geely has expanded its landscape in digital marketing, intelligent cockpit, user ecology, powertrain, three-electric technology, and automatic driving solutions, hoping to seize the initiative in the fiercely competitive electric vehicle field.

🔗Source: Zeekr Official

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