US auto industry expert Sandy Munro praises Faraday Future FF 91.

On February 18th local time in the US, during a live stream with Youtube finance blogger Meet Kevin (left), Sandy Munro (right), a senior manufacturing industry analyst famous for his professional teardown and biting comments, believes that Faraday Future’s product concept and car-making capabilities are highly competitive.

The following summarizes Munro’s praise for the FF 91 of Faraday Future:

“Zero Gravity Seat”

As long as it’s a mature user who has experienced the experience of watching TV comfortably and lying from point A to point B on the FF 91, they don’t want to drive again.

“Suicide Doors”

The suicide doors of the FF 91 are not only a god-like tool for picking up girls, but also make it easier to get in and out of the car. Our evaluation standard for designing airplane cabin doors is “good doors are those where women in high heels and evening formal wear can elegantly enter and exit.”

“Submerged Battery Module Patent Diagram”

I like the fully submerged battery cooling system of the FF 91, which allows the battery to be completely immersed in the cooling medium.

🔗Sources: Youtube, Faraday Future Official Website

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