Tesla has applied for an expansion of its Fremont factory, and the Model Y tent production line will become a permanent manufacturing facility.

According to Teslarati, on February 19th local time, Tesla has applied to the local government in Fremont to expand its factory production facilities by 64,000 square feet (approximately 5,945.79 square meters), which involves the GA 4.5 production line area where the Model Y is located.

(GA 4.5 production line, source: Teslarati, taken from YouTube @Ryan Ferrin)

Currently, GA 4.5 is a tent production line with a spring structure located outside the Fremont factory area. It has been used for the production of Model Y and Model 3 since February 2020.

According to the application information, Tesla’s Fremont factory will expand 64,000 square feet to the south, and transform GA 4.5 into a permanent production facility by adding underground pipes and power equipment.

🔗Source: Teslarati

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