Elon Musk: Land on Mars within five and a half years.

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On February 1st, Elon Musk created a chat room and was interviewed on the audio chat social platform Clubhouse, talking about SpaceX, Mars landing, aliens and UFOs, Neuralink, and so on.

SpaceX and Mars landing plan

When it comes to SpaceX’s Mars landing plan, Musk said that he plans to land on Mars in about five and a half years. He emphasized the difficulty and danger of the plan again. Typically, a one-way trip to Mars takes half a year, and SpaceX hopes to shorten this time to one month.

When asked if he would allow his children to go to Mars, Musk said that he would let his children go after a successful landing, but his children are not interested in this at the moment.

Aliens and UFOs

Regarding aliens, Musk said that there is currently no evidence of the existence of aliens, but this does not mean that they do not exist. At the same time, Musk said that most of the so-called UFO photos are too blurry.

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When talking about the progress of Neuralink, Musk said that experiments have been carried out on monkeys, and wireless devices have been implanted in their brains, allowing the monkeys to play games with brain waves.

Later, Musk tweeted that Neuralink is doing everything possible to ensure the safety of the implanted devices and is in close communication with the FDA. If everything goes well, human trials may begin in the second half of this year.

Due to the invitation code system implemented by Clubhouse, there was a situation where one invitation code was hard to get during Elon Musk’s live broadcast. Later, Agora, the real-time audio service provider behind Clubhouse, rose 28% in pre-market trading.

The full recording of Elon Musk’s Clubhouse live broadcast can be found on YouTube/Tesla Dosage: YouTube/Tesla Dosage🔗Information source: Teslarati

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