Mercedes-Benz flagship electric sedan EQS car system launch

On the evening of January 7th (Beijing Time), Mercedes-Benz simultaneously released the MBUX Hyperscreen car OLED integrated screen globally online.

This integrated large screen integrates three display screens: instrument screen, central control screen, and the co-pilot screen, with a total size of about 141 cm. It is equipped with 8 CPU cores, 24 GB memory, and the memory bandwidth is 46.4 GB per second, providing powerful computing power support.

On the instrument screen, Mercedes-Benz has designed a dynamic effect similar to a “flying saucer” and named it EQ “hockey”, used to highlight the acceleration or kinetic energy recovery intensity, and the overall design is quite science fiction.

The car system will learn by itself through artificial intelligence, and gradually add individual functions or hide less commonly used functions on the main interface. At the same time, the co-pilot screen also provides a movie watching function, and co-pilot passengers can watch movies through Bluetooth-connected headphones during the driving process. The reminder icons for activating the assisted driving system and the visualization may be similar to those of existing car models.

Mercedes-Benz has announced that MBUX Hyperscreen will debut on the EQS, which is scheduled to launch this year. Based on Mercedes-Benz positioning, it can be speculated that the MBUX Hyperscreen may also be implemented in the C-Class in the future.

Source: Mercedes-Benz

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