Lantu FREE: The product planning is very well thought out.

Thanks to Garage 42 for giving me the opportunity to attend the launch event of Voyah hosted by them.

First Time in Shenzhen

This is my first time in Shenzhen and I have noticed a completely different atmosphere – construction sites can be seen everywhere around the roads, indicating that this city still has enormous potential.

Shenzhen is also a very big city. We took a shuttle from Bao’an airport to the venue of Voyah’s event – the Dayun Sports Center. If there is no traffic jam, it takes at least one hour and six minutes to get there, and most of the way is on paid expressways, covering a total of 56 kilometers.

The reason why Voyah chose to launch their product in Shenzhen is that it is the first special economic zone and the birthplace of reform in China.

Launch Event

At around 7:30 p.m., we entered the venue to attend the launch ceremony of Voyah Free.

After a dance performance with 3D special effects, CEO Lu Fang took the stage and began to introduce the Voyah Free. It can be said that this is the product with the most comprehensive planning we have ever seen.

Product Planning

In terms of product planning, Voyah Free includes the two most popular driving methods – extended range and pure electric. In terms of chassis, Voyah Free is also equipped with the most powerful configuration to date – front double-wishbone suspension, rear multi-link suspension, air suspension, and even various advanced technologies such as active anti-roll bars and rear-wheel steering, which can be seen on the exhibits outside the venue.

In terms of interior design, the Voyah FREE not only uses the stylish white and blue color combination, but also takes the lead in technology configuration, maximizing the “sense of ceremony” when customers get in the car – through the interaction of various parts such as lighting, air suspension, steering wheel, seats, and screens, the Voyah FREE has developed a three-screen center console that can be raised and lowered – even in sport mode it can be lowered, which is a premium feature only found in top level sports cars such as McLaren.

In terms of services, the Voyah FREE is also making rapid progress. Not only does it have its own self-operated and self-built stores, it also develops APP communities and actively explores customer co-creation systems. It can be said to be a full-scale war against new car manufacturers in the area of advantage.

After the CEO’s speech, Chairman Zhu Yanfeng continued to describe the target customers that Voyah hopes to serve – the middle force. The future car is no longer just a simple means of transportation, but a “buffer zone” that allows the middle force to release stress and gain peace of mind in all their daily roles.

Finally, with two songs by Xu Wei, the Voyah launch event came to an end. Xu Wei’s representation of the spirit of liberalism is perhaps also the yearning of the Voyah brand and the target customers.

In the capital market, following the release of Voyah, Dongfeng Group’s stock price has doubled. The capital market has made its choice, and next is to wait for the sales of Voyah to create a new chapter in the production of state-owned cars.

This article is a translation by ChatGPT of a Chinese report from 42HOW. If you have any questions about it, please email