Xpeng Garage Crowdsourcing: This Xpeng is really Versailles.

The first time I came into contact with the DENZA brand was when I was in middle school. It was a car used to transport VIPs for a car show. At that time, I thought it was just an electric version of the Mercedes-Benz B-Class with a “concave rear windshield”.

Years later, when I had the opportunity to encounter DENZA again, I had grown up and DENZA had also completed its evolution. Just like the Mercedes-Benz genes that flow in its blood, it has become more elegant and mature.

When I first saw the DENZA X, I felt that it had a taste of Versailles. Under its simple and round appearance, details reveal its illustrious family background. Yes, I’m talking about the three “Styled by Mercedes-Benz” marks. It did not directly post its 0-100 km/h acceleration time of 4.6 seconds on the rear of the car like its brother models to show off its performance, but rather low-key with the inventor’s plaque to tell others “I am noble”.

Mercedes-Benz’s endorsement has given this DENZA X unique design genes. The whole car adopts a large number of curved designs, and its luxurious temperament comes naturally. The design of the air conditioning vent and the shape of the hub correspond to the water droplet shape of the DENZA logo.

In order to let everyone experience the design details of this car, my friends and I cleaned the car and parked it under the lights in the underground garage. I found that the DENZA X would bring different visual experiences under different angles and light changes.

Friends who have studied design may know that using a surface to express a design is much more difficult than using lines to outline it. The DENZA X’s side has no waistline and creates a sense of power only through a curved surface. The light projected on the body reflects an S-shaped line. With the change of angle, the presented line is like a flowing silk smoothly wandering on the body.

This seemingly simple and extraordinary design, I think, is very challenging for designers.

It is called DENZA X, not Jing A.DENZA is indeed a brand unfamiliar to most people. When I park the car at the charging station or drive it to the car wash shop, no one would actively ask about what kind of car it is because of DENZA X’s low-key appearance, and I also don’t bother to explain.

By the time I start at the traffic light and leave them far behind, they become urgent to know what kind of car this is, but it’s already too late.

What makes me laugh and cry is that when I parked in the underground garage one day, the security guard shouted at me, “Hey, you in the Beijing A car, park on the side.” That’s when I realized that the iconic feature of this car was not in the DENZA X logo, nor in the Performance badge on the rear of the car, and not even in the Styled by Mercedes-Benz sign, but in the Beijing A license plate hanging on the car in Shanghai.

What’s even more outrageous is that when I drove DENZA X to the Mercedes-Benz 4S shop, the after-sales consultant told the maintenance consultant in front of me, “You receive the Beijing A car.”

It’s Different from the Tang to Drive

One day, when I went downstairs in the morning, I found a Tang DM parked quietly next to DENZA X, and their colors were the same. I couldn’t resist this interesting comparison and quickly took out my phone to take a bunch of snap shots, trying to find out the similarities in their appearance. Fortunately, I had also driven my relatives’ Tang EV for some time, so I could make a comparison of the two cars.

First of all, in terms of steering, DENZA X has a light and easy feel when turning at low speeds, making it exceptionally easy to park and reposition. However, when the speed reaches around 50 km per hour, the steering becomes noticeably heavier. This was the first time I experienced what was called speed-related gain. This experience is not obvious in the Tang DM.

Secondly, in terms of braking, both Tang DM and DENZA X use Brembo brake calipers, but DENZA X has a Bosch-adjusted comfortable braking system, with more even brake force release, smoother and more fluent braking. In contrast, Tang DM’s brakes tend to have excessive braking force, resulting in severe nosedive.

As for power, although DENZA X boasts exaggerated power data of 360 kW and 660 N·m, this car’s power performance is quite soft when the ECO mode is on and the accelerator is lightly pressed. However, there is still a good power response after a deep press of the accelerator. When adjusting the vehicle to Sport mode, the accelerator immediately becomes more responsive.

Although DENZA X’s acceleration is fast, I don’t know what kind of tuning formula Mercedes-Benz used, but it did not bring the uncomfortable acceleration sensation that I had experienced with other 4-second clubs fast cars. In my opinion, this is the charm of this car.In terms of ride comfort, the DENZA X filters out road bumps more thoroughly and gives people a suspended and advanced feel that is isolated from the road surface. It wins in comfort, and I even think that the DENZA X’s chassis is more comfortable than my E-Class at home.

The ride comfort of the Tang DM’s chassis is also good, but I think it is more inclined to sports tuning, and the road feel is clearer. Overall, although the two cars have many similarities in appearance, they are completely different when driving. The DENZA X retains strong acceleration performance while achieving comfort and elegance.

It has everything a luxury car should have

In terms of creating an interior ambient atmosphere, although the DENZA X is not stunning, it definitely justifies its price. The door panels are decorated with wood and a lot of leather. The hidden ambient light, combined with the brushed metal panel, and the three-leafed turbine-shaped air outlet, create a light luxury feel.

In terms of noise insulation, the DENZA X also performs quite well. The front row uses double-layer soundproof glass, and even at a speed of 120km/h, wind noise does not affect the communication of passengers in the car. Although the 12 speakers of the sound system are not shocking, they are much better than the speakers of a typical family car that can only make sounds.

Every aspect of the configuration is fully covered. For me, the most outstanding feature of this car is the 360-degree panoramic imaging. Without this imaging system, the 1.95-meter width of the car body might force me to become its owner due to accidents.

The best part of this imaging system is its depiction of the parking lines. I can easily know whether I have parked in the center of the parking space or not. In addition, this panoramic imaging system also supports opening each camera of the front, side, and rear of the car separately, so my mom doesn’t have to worry about scratching the 22-inch wheels anymore.

I almost called the police when charging for the first time

Endurance is an important indicator of the product power of an electric car. The DENZA X’s endurance in urban areas surprised me. Its displayed endurance is dynamically estimated according to actual driving consumption. Its displayed endurance of 500 km according to NEDC, actually can run more than 400 km.After my testing, the discharge rate is almost 1:1. Driving in the city with energy recovery in standard mode under ECO mode, the energy consumption of the X is around 20 kWh/100 km. Calculated by the 82.8 kWh battery capacity, the X can run about 400 km in the city with no water content.

However, I was particularly interested in its high-speed performance given its weight of 2.3 tons. So, with only 204 km of range left, I drove the X onto the highway.

To avoid the embarrassing situation of needing rescue, I stopped at the first service area for charging. When I pulled out the charging gun, I was nearly tripped by the heavy cable. The fast charging gun was much heavier than the slow charging gun I used for the Tang DM.

Little did I know, this was just the beginning of a nightmare. I tried every way to plug in the charging gun to the fast charging port, but there was no response. A nearby Han car owner advised me to try another charging post, but after changing three, it still didn’t work.

With every passing minute, the energy level dropped one unit, and I didn’t know if the remaining range of 163 km could support my trip.

I took a deep breath and got back on the highway, calculating in my mind that if I couldn’t charge up in the next service area, I might have to call 110. Fortunately, with the help of a Roewe car owner, I managed to charge up smoothly. It turned out that the charging failed earlier because I mistakenly selected the wrong option on the screen.

Though both angry and funny, this was indeed the true feeling of driving an electric vehicle on a long trip for the first time: today, as the charging network gradually improves, our anxiety is not so much about range as about the uncertainty of the next charging post, which brings fear.

In the end, I arrived in Hangzhou safely. I chose two points along the way to measure and calculated that at a speed of 120 km/h, the X traveled 68 km and the battery level dropped from 62% to 36%, which means the full-electric range at high speed is around 262 km. Considering the factors of a speed of 120 km/h, a temperature of 12 degrees Celsius, and a weight of 2.3 tons, I believe this high-speed performance is acceptable.

A misunderstanding occurred, it was my fault

After the experience of the first day, I felt more confident on the return trip the second day. It took me about 40 minutes to charge up to 90%, and then I set off again.

U1S1, the high-speed driving experience of TESLA X is “spot on!” The good NVH ensures that the raindrops and high-speed wind noise outside do not affect my playback of “Buttercup.”

The 265mm wide tires also make driving in the rain more confident, without the risk of insufficient traction. At this point, I turn on ACC adaptive cruise control, and I can free my feet, just need to keep the direction stable, and the car will smartly accelerate or decelerate according to the road conditions. The whole process of acceleration and deceleration is not abrupt, even if there are cars cutting in, TESLA X will react promptly.

However, when I was happily driving off the highway, what I was most worried about happened – TESLA X began to report fault codes, and there were three in total. I always think that consumers prefer certain brands because these brands enjoy a good reputation and can guarantee the quality of their products.

The reason why people dare not choose some new brands or new forces may be due to concerns about product quality. But at this time, I also have some concerns about TESLA X.

Only when I nervously arrived at my destination and parked the car did I realize that a piece of paper was stuck on the millimeter-wave radar. But I was still not at ease, I turned off and restarted TESLA X, but the fault codes remained. I even asked my friends who are also car owners to come for “expert consultation.” We all agreed that the probability of a piece of paper damaging the radar was small, and it should be a false alarm.

But this did not eliminate my concerns. Early the next morning, I drove TESLA X to the luxurious Mercedes-Benz 4S store. Miraculously, the fault codes disappeared when I was about to arrive at the 4S store! Does this car have an automatic repair function when the weather is clear?

Later, the maintenance consultant solved the case – there is a delay in resetting the driving assistance system, and this misunderstanding ended. But I cleverly discovered that TESLA X seems to be able to enjoy Mercedes-Benz’s after-sales service at the price of BYD’s accessories, really sweet!

My post-00 car owner friends have something to say

Since this is a public test activity, I also invited my car owner friends to experience TESLA X with me and forced them to write down their feelings:

Xiao Ding Professor – Ford Mustang, W211 Mercedes-Benz S-Class owner, Mercedes-Benz C63 car owner

I had the pleasure of test driving the TESLA X electric car last night, and honestly, it completely changed my idea about electric cars as a loyal internal combustion engine fan.

First of all, the interior with Mercedes-Benz genes goes without saying, luxury and sense of technology coexist, and man-machine interaction is also very agile and convenient.The most surprising thing about the DENZA X is its power tuning and handling – in terms of power tuning, although it has 490 horsepower and an exaggerated 660 N·m torque, these terrifying figures are seamlessly integrated into the electric motor’s highly linear power output, just like tuning a comfortable V8 or even V12 engine. Even novice drivers who have just obtained their driving licenses can perfectly handle this performance beast.

When you step on the accelerator, the stunning push-back feeling comes without warning or delay, followed by increased damping of the slightly larger steering wheel. Whether in a straight line or a curve, acceleration becomes very confident…who wouldn’t like an electric SUV as quiet and agile as a spacecraft?

Lu, a Red Flag H5 car owner

As an owner of a gasoline car, let me briefly talk about the impression that the DENZA X has left on me.

I am not exaggerating when I say that I have a very good impression of this car, and there are no obvious shortcomings or weaknesses in any aspect of the three power elements, driving, and interior compared to other pure electric cars in the same price range, which is rare among pure electric cars in the same price range today.

In particular, I am particularly pleased with the driving experience of the DENZA X. It can be said that this is a new energy vehicle that takes into account the habits of traditional gasoline car users, or it is close to the level of a fuel-powered car in many aspects, which is what I find very appealing.

First of all, in terms of appearance and interior of the DENZA X, even in terms of NVH and chassis texture, it has maintained a good luxury texture and has satisfied consumers’ expectations of a car in terms of aesthetics and a sense of luxury at this price point. The interior space has also performed well and is not inferior to most similarly-priced fuel-powered cars.

Secondly, although it is a high-tech new energy vehicle, the DENZA X still puts driving and riding experience first. The driving and riding properties of the car itself have not been overwhelmed by a series of technological configurations, so this car is very pure to use, which is what most drivers enjoy.

Thirdly, through several days of comprehensive road tests, the DENZA X has performed well in terms of endurance and fast charging efficiency, and overall it can handle commuting tasks in the city and surrounding areas. Finally, as a domestically-produced luxury new energy vehicle, the comfort configuration and driving assistance configuration of the DENZA X are relatively complete, and it can fully compete with joint venture cars in this level and price range.

Of course, there are also some things that need to be improved with this car. First of all, the steering of the car’s turning feel is too light and the steering wheel feels somewhat vague, and secondly, its rear suspension tuning makes it a bit too hard in the initial stage of shock absorption, and rear passengers can feel a significant bouncing sensation when the vehicle passes over bumps.

I imagine that this may be to provide the body with sufficient longitudinal support when the vehicle’s peak torque is starting, but such strong road feedback still has a significant impact on the comfort for rear passengers.The chassis is tuned for comfort, so when taking high-speed turns or changing lanes, the vehicle exhibits noticeable body lean. Switching to Sport mode provides some control over the body lean, but the lateral support isn’t enough to give me confidence when turning the wheel. However, it’s important to remember that it’s positioned as a family SUV, and aggressive driving may be a bit of a challenge.

In terms of details, the damping of the door handles, the assembly of interior and exterior decoration and coverings, the texture of the door panels below the armrest, front storage space, and central control screen interface allocation are all noteworthy.

Of course, these aren’t deal-breakers, they’re just minor details. As a consumer who cares about and loves the domestic automobile industry, I have a few suggestions for this relatively excellent domestic luxury new energy vehicle.

Xiao Wang – Chevrolet Malibu and BMW 118i owner

From a daily driving experience perspective, this car did indeed exceed my expectations. As someone who isn’t particularly fond of or optimistic about electric cars, I had already prepared myself for psychological expectations such as “strange energy recovery strength” and “non-linear throttle pedals” before getting into the car.

However, after actually driving it, its performance truly exceeded my previous beliefs. The idle crawling settings and minimal kinetic energy recovery make the car drive very similar to a petrol-powered car, and a very fast one at that.

The power is extremely aggressive, but the throttle pedal isn’t difficult to control, and overtaking is effortless. Personally, I feel that the steering feel of this car is too heavy on the electronic side, and the speed gain isn’t the sensation I prefer. However, as a pure family vehicle, I think these are acceptable.

Since I only tested a small segment and didn’t experience the entire journey, I don’t have much to say about its power consumption or energy supplementation. However, from this short driving experience, I can confidently say that my perception of electric cars has changed considerably.

Ending Thoughts

After a few days of testing, I think the Xpeng P7 is like a well-rounded high-achieving student, with hidden design features, a comprehensive technology configuration, incredible acceleration, comfortable driving and riding experience, a spacious seven-seat layout, sufficient endurance, and a regal yet reserved birth.

From a competitor analysis perspective, compared to the BYD Tang, it’s more luxurious and comfortable, and compared to the NIO ES6, it provides a more petrol-powered driving feel and a 7-seat space.

From a user profile’s perspective, I believe this vehicle is aimed towards those who place a high value on their quality of life, care about their family, appreciate comfortable and elegant lifestyle, and aren’t concerned about what others think of them.

Yes, I’m talking about you, the person who wants to buy performance, comfort, and luxury, all in one go.

This article is a translation by ChatGPT of a Chinese report from 42HOW. If you have any questions about it, please email bd@42how.com.