Zhi Ji Auto announced the launch of a 1000km range product within the next 5 years.

According to exclusively revealed by 36Kr Future Automotive Daily, IM Auto is collaborating with CATL to develop “silicon-doped lithium battery cell” technology, which can achieve a range of approximately 1000 km and a zero attenuation for 200,000 km.

IM Auto and CATL will share technology patents and jointly conduct tests. In the future, the two parties will be the first to apply this battery technology globally and mass-produce power batteries carrying this technology.


Liu Tao, deputy head of the IM Auto preparation group, further stated that the first model of IM Auto will be equipped with a redundant hardware and software architecture scheme compatible with LiDAR. Moreover, in terms of autonomous driving, IM Auto’s automatic valet parking function is expected to be launched in some commercial districts of Shanghai at the end of 2021, and expanded to other first- and new-tier cities in 2022.

🔗Source: 36Kr

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