Apple may cooperate with TSMC to develop self-driving chips.

According to DigiTimes, a Taiwan-based media outlet, Apple has been collaborating with TSMC to develop autonomous driving car chips similar to those used by Tesla. The two companies are negotiating a supply chain agreement and planning to build a factory in the United States.

Apple and TSMC have been partners for a long time, with TSMC supplying A-Series chips for Apple’s iPhone and iPad and the new Apple Silicon chips for Mac. Thus, their further collaboration on vehicle chips is not surprising.

In addition, DigiTimes mentioned that Apple’s vehicle will be similar to Tesla’s, but did not provide specific details. The market estimates that there will be some overlap in the supply chain of Apple and Tesla, including the capacity and output of their battery production. In terms of the supply chain, Apple has an advantage over Tesla and can ensure battery supply through rapid acquisition.

🔗Sources: DigiTimes, Electrek

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