Mercedes-Benz EQC User Test: Testing the Winter Range Performance of the Most Authentic EQC.

Firstly, I would like to express my gratitude to 42 Garage and Daimler for organizing this deep test drive event. It was an honor to have the opportunity to have a three-day in-depth experience of the EQC, which allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of the vehicle.

I would like to clarify my stance, as a potential car owner, that I will provide an objective evaluation of the car. I drove the car in a normal manner, without driving too aggressively or too slowly. The air conditioning and seat heating were set according to my needs. I am not a car enthusiast nor am I a fan of any particular brand, but simply a person who needs to buy a car. Therefore, if my comments are inappropriate, I ask for your understanding.

I have been driving for ten years and have driven more than 300,000 kilometers. I have driven Audi A6 (C5 version) for 3 years, a Volkswagen Sagitar for 4 years, and a Chevrolet Captiva for 5 years. None of them are Beijing brand cars.

I obtained my new energy performance certificate in 2016, and purchased a 2016 version of the Geely Emgrand EV with a range of 253 kilometers for 140,000 RMB (the car price was 239,900 RMB, and the government subsidy was 100,000 RMB). I have driven it for 110,000 kilometers and it is currently my only car.

As an experienced electric car owner, I felt that there were limited choices available at the time when I purchased my first electric car. However, nowadays, there are so many options available that it’s hard to choose.

I ordered a Tesla Model Y on their official website at the beginning of 2020, but I haven’t seen any cars yet. This is a big disappointment! In July or August, I saw Mercedes-Benz introduce its “three good policies” and I thought it was worth checking out. Therefore, I had my first test drive of the EQC, and was amazed by the sound insulation and overall noise reduction. However, I didn’t have much of a concept of the range at the time. That’s why this deep test drive opportunity was so perfect for me.

Now, let’s get to the point and discuss the range, which is the most concerned issue for everyone.

On Friday, I received the test-drive car at around 5 pm at the Daimler Building in Wangjing. The battery level was at 100% and the displayed range was 291 kilometers.

After receiving the car, I drove to Xuanwumen.

During the rush hour in Beijing, which started at around 19 kilometers from Wangjing and took about 1 hour and 21 minutes, the displayed range was reduced by 36 kilometers. The temperature was 9℃, the air conditioning was set to 20℃, and there was only one person in the car.

After picking up my wife at Xuānwǔmén, we set off towards Yānjiāo. The traffic on the Jīngtōng Expressway was extremely congested. Midway through the journey, the tire pressure alarm went off and I discovered that all 4 tires were low due to the temperature drop in Beijing that day.

During the traffic jam, I tried the assisted driving function, and my right foot felt comfortable in an instant… The assisted driving function of the EQC also works well. In the end, it took 2 hours to reach our destination. We forgot to take photos when we arrived home, so we took some the next morning. Due to the severe congestion, the distance from Xuānwǔmén to Yānjiāo was about 50 kilometers, and the displayed range was reduced by nearly 100 kilometers. The air conditioning was set to automatic at 25℃, and the impact of tire pressure was estimated to be significant.


When I got up on Saturday morning and saw that it was snowing and the temperature was even lower, I followed the planned itinerary to visit the E-tron with friends after lunch. The EQC looked beautiful after the snow…

Before getting in the car, I checked the range, and it showed 69% battery level with a range of 156 kilometers, and the outside temperature was 2.5℃.

After leaving the community, I first inflated the tires…

Then I went to the Audi dealership and the Sūnhé Outlets. After returning home at night, the remaining range was displayed as follows:

The range has decreased from 156 km in the morning to 86 km, with a reduction of 70 km displayed, but an actual travel distance of 72 km and energy consumption of 36.7. The test was conducted on a smooth road with 4 passengers in the car and air conditioning set to 22-25℃ on automatic. Mercedes-Benz has fully demonstrated the accuracy of its mileage display.

Charging the EQC with the Geely charging station is highly compatible and successful, with a charging power of 7KW.


On Sunday morning, the display showed a range of 257 km when fully charged.

During a trip in the morning with no photos taken, we left Yanshan to Xuanwumen at around 9pm. The road was smooth, the temperature was around 3℃, and the air conditioning was set to 23℃ on automatic. At departure, the battery displayed 91% and 225 km of range.

Upon arrival, the display showed a range of 180 km, 73% remaining battery life, an actual travel distance of 46 km, a reduction of 45 km in the displayed range, and an average energy consumption of 33.


On Monday, I set off early from Xuanwumen to NiuLanshan Development Area in Shunyi District. The roads were generally smooth and the temperature was 1℃. The car displayed a range of 177 km.

Chang’an Avenue and Tiananmen Square in the morning:

After arriving at the destination, the remaining range displayed is 103 kilometers, the remaining battery level is 46%, the remaining range decreases by 74 kilometers, the actual driving distance is 60 kilometers, the air conditioning is set to 21-22℃ automatic, and the energy consumption is 33.5 kWh.

During the lunch break, the car is charged near the destination with a 60 kW charging pile. The car displays 44 kW and the charging current is maintained at around 120 A.

After charging to 85%, the remaining range displayed is 225 kilometers, the temperature outside the car is 9℃, and the air conditioning is set to 21℃. According to this proportion, when fully charged, the remaining range displayed should be around 265 kilometers.

At 4 o’clock in the afternoon, driving towards the setting sun to return the car, from Shunyi Niu Lanshan to Daimler Building in Wangjing, with mild traffic congestion on some roads along the way.

After arriving at the destination, the remaining range displayed is 193 kilometers, the remaining range decreases by 32 kilometers, the actual driving distance is 38 kilometers, and the energy consumption is 32.3 kWh.

At this point, the three-day deep test drive has ended. According to the temperature of 0℃-10℃ in Beijing, with the air conditioning set at 20℃-25℃, and under normal road conditions, the power consumption was just over 30, and the cruising range was about 260, plus the hidden power, which is about 280 kilometers. In my opinion, with my usage habits and the current weather conditions, the cruising range can be about 300 kilometers.


My use of the car this time mainly revolved around cruising range, so I believe everyone already has an understanding of the cruising use of EQC in northern areas. Although the overall power consumption is higher, from the perspective of experience, the cruising range of EQC is still relatively accurate, without blindly displaying a very virtual number for you, but displaying a real cruising result, a reassuring winter cruising range, which is particularly important for users who need it in the north in winter.

I don’t plan to elaborate on other aspects here. There are many online evaluations, and my biggest feeling is comfort and silence. The interior and workmanship are still very Mercedes-Benz. The Germans understand the needs of the Chinese people, especially when the ambient lights are on at night, the luxury and warmth are definitely the favorite of girls.

Finally, thanks again to 42 Garage. I look forward to having the opportunity to perform a deep test drive of e-tron, Model Y, iX3, and other models, as they are all my backup models.

This article is a translation by ChatGPT of a Chinese report from 42HOW. If you have any questions about it, please email