Tesla has requested Panasonic to supply batteries to the Shanghai super factory.

According to exclusive information from Reuters, Tesla has requested that Japanese company Panasonic, who supplies its American factory, provide batteries for the Shanghai Super Factory. South Korean company LG Chemical will also double the production capacity of its Chinese battery factory to meet Tesla’s growing demand.

Currently, Tesla’s Shanghai factory has a production capacity of around 150,000 vehicles, and according to 36kr’s November report, the planned production capacity for Tesla’s Shanghai super factory in 2021 will be 550,000 vehicles. The constantly increasing production capacity is driven by the surge in demand for batteries.

As Tesla’s battery supplier, LG Chemical produces batteries for the Model 3 at Tesla’s Shanghai Super Factory. According to Reuters, the increased production capacity of LG Chemical’s factories in China and South Korea will also be used for production at Tesla’s factories in Germany and the United States.

As Tesla’s global production capacity continues to increase, battery supply has become an important aspect. This brings opportunities for LG Chemical, Panasonic, and CATL.

🔗Source: Reuters, 42HOW

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