Tesla's Berlin Super Battery Factory has not yet obtained comprehensive permission.

On November 25th, Elon Musk revealed at the European Battery Conference that Tesla plans to establish its first battery super factory in Europe with an annual production capacity of 100 GWh, which can be expanded to 200-250 GWh.

However, after purchasing the land in Grünheide, Tesla only received initial official permission. As of November 28th, according to foreign media Teslarati, the Tesla super battery factory in Berlin, Germany has not yet received full permission from the state environmental department of Brandenburg.

Tesla plans to achieve the mass production of Model Y in Germany in July 2021, and the super battery factory is an important part of their localization plan for battery production. Although Tesla has not declared the start time of the super battery factory, obtaining full permission from the environmental department should also be put on the agenda if they want to cooperate with the production of the whole vehicle.

🔗Source: Teslarati, 42HOW

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