European users revealed that the Model 3 is equipped with an improved version of the 82-degree battery from Panasonic.

Tesla Model 3 reportedly receives upgraded range with new Panasonic battery pack.

Recently, information regarding a redesigned Model 3 featuring an 82 kWh battery pack with 2170 cells has surfaced in Europe.

According to a previous report by the Nikkei Asian Review, Panasonic was expected to increase battery capacity at its Gigafactory 1 by about 5% starting in September of this year. This would support the reasonable claim that the total capacity of the new battery pack has increased slightly.

However, the source of this news is odd. European region customers receive various pre-registration documents prior to vehicle delivery, and one such document for the long-range rear-wheel-drive model notes the battery pack capacity as 82 kWh.

Based on the Model 3’s vehicle identification numbers for long-range models from 2019, the earlier versions of this model had an 81 kWh battery. The reported increase in battery capacity was less than the prior expected 5% bump.

When Tesla updated the Model 3 for US customers, the vehicles saw an increase in both range and acceleration on their website. Combining this upgrade with the improved power capability of the 2170 cell responsible for the Model 3’s new battery pack, it was reasonable to assume they would upgrade the range of the vehicle.

However, the long-range rear-wheel-drive version with the new battery pack has not appeared on the US website and it is still unknown how much of an increase in range this upgrade has provided.

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