NIO delivered 836 EC6 units in October, approaching the sales figures of BMW X4. However, the sales of ES6 decreased by 661 units compared to the previous month.

In the October ranking for pure electric SUVs, NIO ES6 and ES8 took first and second place with 2610 and 1434 vehicles sold respectively. NIO also leads in terms of brand insurance. NIO has held onto the top spot for a long time, and the release of the Volkswagen ID.4 might be the only hope for a new entrant onto the list. However, it would be more desirable for the ID.4 to bring incremental growth to the market, rather than just splitting a small pie.

The third place on the pure electric SUV list is WEY EX5 with 1345 vehicles sold, which is a significant difference from the 3003 vehicles WEY claimed to have sold at the beginning of the month. It is likely that some of the vehicles are still with distributors and have not been delivered.

In the 300,000 RMB and above mid-size SUV category, BBA’s three models are all at the level of 10,000 sales. Only NIO ES6 and EC6 made it onto the list. It remains to be seen when an electric vehicle will reach a five-digit sales level; Tesla’s Model Y next year might be the one to watch.

The insurance data of ES6 decreased compared to 3271 cars sold last month, largely due to capacity constraints. Part of the limited production volume has been allocated to EC6. However, it is interesting to see whether the order volume of ES6 will decrease after the launch of the EC6.

Surprisingly, the insurance volume of the EC6 is relatively high. Although the EC6 Coupe type is not expected to have a significant sales volume, with the current production increase in deliveries, it is already very close to the same level as the X4. Whether it can continue, will be seen from next month’s data.

Source: Retail data from China Automobile Trading Co., Ltd. Data Resources Center.

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