Electrek confirms changes to Model 3.

Electrek recently released some confirmed information about the changes made to the new Model 3:

  • The layout of the front trunk has been slightly modified, with vertical anti-skid bars added to the redesigned front trunk and the towing hook relocated from the upper-left corner to the center position.

Front trunk before modification

Front trunk after modification

  • The lower part of the rearview mirror, door handles, turn signals on the front fenders, and window trims have been changed from chrome to matte black.

Model 3 after the modification in the declaration made to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

  • The central armrest has been changed from an integrated structure to a split structure, and the wireless charging area for phones has been separated. The grooves on both sides are no longer decorated with chrome trim, and a closed structure has been created at the bottom so that phones do not fall into the storage box easily. Additionally, the area surrounding the armrest has been covered with faux leather, and the wireless charging pad for phones has been made from suede material. The chrome trim outside of the cup holder has been removed, and the position of the cup holder has been raised to a level similar to that of the armrest box. The armrest box has also been changed to a sliding design similar to that of the Model S/X.

Electrek’s depiction of changes in the central console (pretty artistic)

  • Electric tailgate;

  • Double-layer glass.

Electrek has also stated that the rumours about the Model 3’s heat pump air conditioning system are highly credible, although they cannot confirm them at this time.The “blackened” exterior parts of Model 3 have appeared in the images released by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and there are also new front headlights that Electrek has not mentioned. Overall, the changes to Model 3 this time may not yet qualify as a “mid-term facelift”, but upgrades like electric tailgate, heat pump air conditioning, and double-layered glass are still very meaningful. Personally, I am disappointed with the current Model 3’s NVH performance at high speeds, but the new double-layered glass should be able to improve this aspect. In addition, Electrek stated that the modified new car has entered the trial production stage at the Fremont factory, and I believe that the modified new car in China will also meet with everyone soon.

Model 3's modified Ministry of Industry and Information Technology declaration information

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