Tesla's first high-speed supercharging station in the Chengdu area has officially gone online.

Tesla’s first Supercharger station on the highway service station in Chengdu went online yesterday, and some car owners have already checked in today.

It can be said that some highway service areas in China have provided a lot of convenience for long-distance travel of electric vehicles by equipping third-party charging piles. However, it must also be pointed out that the use experience of third-party charging piles still has certain differences compared to Superchargers.

Before this, Tesla’s navigation system for long-distance travel required to exit the highway and the route was relatively longer. With Superchargers entering the highway service areas and becoming popular, we can foresee that the charging experience for Tesla users on long-distance trips will be greatly improved, and the average charging time (including charging and entering/exiting the highway) is expected to be shortened by 30 minutes.

With the improvement of endurance and charging, the experience of long-distance travel by electric vehicles will become more and more convenient. In addition to Superchargers, the popularization of charging piles in service areas can be regarded as a manifestation of the process of electric vehicle charging experience catching up with gasoline vehicles. Five years ago, these things seemed quite distant, and now we are already on the road. It is really worth celebrating, and we look forward to the next five years of electrification.

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