Official Announcement: Mr. Wang Kai, the Chief Architect of VEDEO, has joined Ideal Automotive as the Chief Technology Officer.

Today, Li Auto announced that Wang Kai, the chief architect of Veoneer, has officially joined Li Auto and assumed the position of CTO (Chief Technology Officer).

Wang will be responsible for the research and development as well as mass production of intelligent automobile-related technologies, including electronic and electrical architecture, intelligent cockpit, autonomous driving, platform development and the Li OS real-time operating system.

Public information shows that Wang has worked for Veoneer, a global technology company, for 8 years, mainly responsible for the research and development of domain controllers in fields such as ADAS, digital instrument cluster, infotainment system and driver monitoring, and has served as Veoneer’s chief architect and autonomous driving director.

Previously, Li Auto disclosed in its IPO prospectus that it officially launched independent research and development work in core technology fields such as electronic and electrical architecture, domain controllers and real-time operating systems in 2020.

This is Li Auto’s first external “recruitment” after going public.

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