Bestrun's New Energy Vehicle Plant Contributes to China's Green Revolution?

On May 17th, Bestrun Pony, produced by FAW, officially started its production at FAW’s new branch factory in Yancheng, signaling substantive progress in FAW’s strategic layout in the field of new energy. The attendance of numerous leaders at the production ceremony highlighted the project’s significance.

The launch of FAW’s Yancheng base is of great significance in enhancing the company’s self-developed new energy vehicle production capacity. Bestrun Pony, the brand’s first new energy vehicle, is planned to officially go on sale later this month. In the future, FAW Bestrun intends to launch 7 new energy models in various forms, including pure electric, plug-in hybrid and range-extended electric, to meet diversified market needs. Notably, the new energy model code-named E311 made its first public appearance at the event, demonstrating FAW Bestrun’s latest achievements in the field of new energy technology.

The launch of the Yancheng branch will significantly enhance Bestrun’s production capacity in the field of new energy vehicles. According to the plan, by the end of this year, the branch will complete the deployment and retrofit of 30 production lines and is expected to have an annual production capacity of around 100,000 vehicles. The factory employs advanced manufacturing technologies including automated body welding, a 6-layer coating process, and assembly data uploading, to ensure product manufacture quality. Additionally, the factory is equipped with advanced quality inspection facilities, such as lidar measurement, rain testing, and comprehensive road condition testing, to ensure vehicle performance and safety.

FAW Bestrun is currently in a crucial period of strategic transformation. Leveraging FAW’s rich vehicle-making experience and Yancheng’s excellent industrial facilities, the company plans to enhance its market share of new energy vehicles in the fiercely competitive Yangtze River Delta market. Undoubtedly, the launch of the new factory will inject new vigor into FAW Bestrun’s new energy strategy and contribute new strength to the development of China’s new energy vehicle industry.

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