Tesla's Australian "virtual power plant" has started its third phase of construction with an estimated cost of $18 million.

According to foreign media Electrek, Tesla has started the third phase of construction of the “Virtual Power Plant” in Australia, which will connect approximately 4,000 houses with solar roofs to the “Virtual Power Plant” power generation system. In this phase, Tesla plans to spend 18 million US dollars on deploying energy storage batteries and solar equipment.

In 2018, Tesla began building the first batch of 100 solar roofs of the “Virtual Power Plant” in Australia and carried out the second phase of construction by the end of 2018, adding another 1,000 households. The third phase that has just started will add an additional 3,000 households to the previous ones. Tesla’s ultimate goal is to connect 50,000 houses to the plant.

Homeowners with solar roofs installed in the project do not need to pay for any equipment or installation costs, and after installation, their electricity prices are equivalent to 80% of the Australian grid electricity prices.

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