The development of electric trucks in the United States is accelerating, with sales expected to increase to 54,000 units by 2025.

According to Wood Mackenzie’s prediction, the sales volume of electric trucks in the United States will increase to 54,000 units by 2025.

In the United States, truck carbon emissions rank second in the entire transportation industry. If the process of electrification of trucks can be quickly promoted, the significance of reducing carbon emissions should not be underestimated.

Earlier this year, California also introduced special subsidies for zero-emission trucks, with a maximum subsidy of up to $200,000 per vehicle, which shows the enthusiasm of the local government in promoting this matter.

As of 2019, there were only over 2,000 electric trucks on the road in the United States. The prediction of reaching 54,000 by 2025 seems quite exaggerated. However, Wood Mackenzie believes that with the popularization of charging infrastructure and the help of relevant policies, profit-driven electric trucks will become increasingly efficient in terms of economic performance. In this way, people’s enthusiasm for purchasing electric trucks may be improved.

In addition, companies such as Amazon and Walmart have plans to purchase pure electric trucks. Currently, Tesla has two Semis for its own freight transportation, and according to existing news, Tesla Semi plans to start delivery next year. At that time, Tesla’s performance in the electric truck market is worth looking forward to.

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