Positive response to "Peng friends" demand, Xiaopeng P7 electric tailgate is expected to be available as an optional after-sale accessory in September.

Recently, in the latest episode of the “Echo Chamber” section on the XPeng APP, XPeng Motors responded to the community’s demand for the development of a P7 electric tailgate. The official statement is that “our development team is currently working on the development of the electric tailgate and will provide it as an optional accessory for customers in the future after-sale service. It is expected to be launched in September.”

Currently, there is no physical button for opening the trunk of the XPeng P7, and it can only be opened through the central control screen, voice command, or car key, which is not particularly convenient. The launch of the electric tailgate as an optional accessory is a response to the community’s demand.

However, there is no information yet on the price of this accessory.

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