Super Hybrids Hits the Luxury MPV Market: Global Launch of DaJia 9 & 7 Models

The leading force in hybrid MPV market, ‘the best mixed MPV in 2024’ is here! On June 7th, the globally acclaimed ‘super hybrid twins’, Jiaye 9 Super Hybrid and Jiaye 7 Super Hybrid, made their global debut. With a comprehensive leading product power, including luxury electric sensory experience, luxury comfort riding, and luxury superior safety, they have gone beyond user expectations.

Adding to the surprise is the affordable pricing: The long-range Jiaye 9 Super Hybrid starts at 269,900 yuan and the ultra-long-range version begins at 279,900 yuan; The long-range Jiaye 7 Super Hybrid starts at 199,900 yuan and the ultra-long-range version begins at 209,900 yuan. Besides their competitive prices, the two models also offer rich “luxury gifts” for buyers: starting today, purchasing Jiaye 9 Super Hybrid or Jiaye 7 Super Hybrid includes warranty for life on the “three-electric” and powertrain systems. Early adopters can also enjoy a deposit doubling offer up to 10,000 yuan, exchange subsidies up to 20,000 yuan, and appreciation funds up to 20,000 yuan. Further benefits include smart cabin traffic, home electric piles, worry-free services, and 12 additional benefits. Superior products, fair pricing and unexpected owner benefits make the Jiaye hybrid series value-packed. These models, starting at just over 200,000 yuan, provide users with a high-end experience equal to cars priced at around 400,000 yuan, demonstrating a remarkable price-to-quality ratio. The future of hybrid MPVs is here; the Jiaye Hybrid series is set to pioneer a new global trend in the luxury MPV market and cater to the world’s high-end multi-passenger travel market.

Bringing ‘Super Hybrids’ back in line with lifestyle, creating the best luxury ‘electric travel’ experience

Five-day work commute, two-day weekend short trips, seven-day long-distance holiday drives, or business reception intercity travel, these are the routines of most users. With the real-world needs of users in mind, the Jiaye Hybrid series implements the ACIS smart full-scenario super hybrid technology, providing the best power combination for every outing. With city driving conditions rarely exceeding 80 km/h speed and accelerator pedal depth of 95%, Jiaye hybrids have optimized the engine point of intervention dropping to as low as 9% and at 12% on average, providing an oil-free pure electric driving experience in the city. The glory of the ‘Super Calling’ feature lies with the P1 and P3 dual-motor configuration. The P3 motor’s peak power and torque reach 176 kW and 390 N·m respectively, making it the best in its class, resulting in the widest 0-80 km/h pure electric speed range in its class.For the model featuring a great-battery-version, it’s outsized with an ultra-high energy density of 184 Wh/kg for its 39.7 kWh lithium-ion battery. Such provision makes it possible for both 9 Hybrid Plus and 7 Hybrid Plus to attain vast pure electric ranges of 225 km and 230 km respectively. They’ve pretty much covered all urban usage scenes, with a need for recharging just once a week. Even during intercity travels at high speeds, our P1 motor recharges as you drive, enabling an extra 100 km to your journey compared to other vehicles of the same class. Embark on a new journey with full charge at the next city! Furthermore, during anticipated long weekend getaways, our third-generation 1.5 T engine is tailored specifically for hybrid vehicles boasting high thermal efficiency of up to 43%, with a peak power and maximum torque of 110 kW and 235 N·m. Both 9 Hybrid Plus and 7 Hybrid Plus exceed 1300 km for their combined petrol-electric range. Going north or south? You just get up and go with zero anxiety for long-distance travel, having to refuel only once a year.

Upon reaching your destination, you can make full use of the most powerful in-class 6.6 kW external power supply. Cookware, electric kettles, outdoor theater setups can be powered simultaneously, unlocking the correct way to camp. What’s more, your car instantly transforms into a “charging treasure”, a “mobile charging station” and the “rescue hero” for other stranded vehicles.

Incorporating “Five-star safety” into each meticulous design for a comprehensive safeguard during your journey

Besides the essentials of life, safety is the utmost luxury. Based on the advanced manufacturing standards of the global “lighthouse factory”, our series has emerged as a global “five-star standard” for European Euro NCAP, Australian ANCAP and more. Following 9’s accolade of possessing the unique “European and Australian five-star” safety certification for MPVs, 7 recently passed the Euro NCAP safety crash test for the year 2024 with flying colors and an impressive five-star accreditation. It also scooped up full scores in four out of five rigorous crash test scenarios, making it the first and only MPV to achieve this feat since the implementation of the new Euro NCAP regulations. At present, both 7 and 9, having secured the Euro NCAP five-star safety certifications, have elevated “Made-in-China” safety to a new level, boosting the global market image and reputation of “Chinese cars”.

Behind these stellar five-star results, is our unyielding commitment to vehicular safety. With the vehicle’s closed-loop frame structure, high-strength steel constituting 80% of its make, and ultra-high-strength steel making up nearly 27% of it, these industry-leading safety metrics are just the fundamental skills our series has in trotting into five-star evaluations. Tailored exclusively for our series, the vehicle body structure drastically reduces the force transmitted to the seats during rear-end collision; a feat achieved using integrated die-casting technology on our seats, lauded as a pioneering “industry-first”. For frontal collisions, we innovatively employed the π-shaped load transfer path that ensures the safety and intactness of both personnel and vehicle upon a 128-ton external force impact. The application of unique materials in crucial areas also ensures the impact force is not transmitted to the battery during side-collisions. Boosting its “soft power” to the maximum, our 9-model is the only MPV in the country that standard-features a front passenger-side airbag, forming a robust external intelligent protection barrier with its L2+ intelligent driving assistant functions.![](file:////private/var/folders/8g/mm_scmqs1915kvzfr3x8dbhm0000gn/T/com.kingsoft.wpsoffice.mac/wps-dinghan/ksohtml//wps7.png)Preserving the ultimate expression of “Love and Respect”, satisfying the dual luxury needs of commercial business and extended families

Great driving experience, security assurance, and comfort is not to be overlooked. The “Luxury Hybrid MPV Beyond Expectations,” 9 ultra hybrid, is luxurious right from the start. It boasts premium cabin seats typically only found on top-tier vehicles, offering comfort for both the elderly and children alike. It comes with a novel feature of power sliding second-row seats, which allows for spacious central aisle of up to 220mm, accompanied by an obstruction-free B-pillar assist handle, ensuring easy accessibility for all. A uniquely available panoramic sunroof makes even the third row feel like first class. Catering to the business travel scenes, it also supplies superior Immersive Space Cabin luxury seats. Each cabin is equipped with heat, massage, and electronic leg support, highlighting the “Every Person is a VIP” experience. Comfort further encompasses distinct driving experiences over different terrain and overall cabin tranquility. The 9 ultra hybrid pioneering Quapact multi-link independent rear suspension effectively filters out road bumps whilst the revolutionary P1 coaxial design reduces drive noise by 20 decibels, offering an improved silent ride experience.

Another model, the “Ultra Smart Living Hybrid MPV, 7 ultra hybrid, with a body size of 4907×1885×1768 mm strikes just the right balance of size to fit in most car parking spaces, earning it the title of “Largest MPV”. It boasts an inside-to-outside width ratio of 82%, a height ratio of 69%, and wheelbase ratio of 61%. It is equipped with unique multi-density leather seats among its peers and the same Quapact multi-link independent suspension system as the 9 ultra hybrid, offering superior comfort and handling. With exclusive features in the same class such as CMS electronic rear-view mirror, three-zone independent air conditioning, and all-weather insulated car refrigerator, it stands as a class leader with 10 category-leading features, 5 firsts in its class, and 9 unique in its class, the 7 ultra hybrid truly captures the essence of ultra-smart living and users, being ultra-luxurious, and ultra-comfortable.

Dedicating a decade to the cultivation of high-end multi-passenger transportation, “China’s MPV Dynasty” becomes the global first choice for multi-passenger transportation.

With outstanding product and quality strength, in one of the world’s most competitive markets for MPVs, Hong Kong, “9 ultra hybrid” managed to outclass numerous international brands, consolidating its position as the local “Best Selling”. This single model has continuously secured the number one spot in the overall MPV market last year from January to November and also from January to April this year, earning endorsements from Hong Kong celebrities and business tycoons. In wider overseas markets such as Europe, Australasia, and America, we are already widespread, marking numerous “Firsts”. Since its inception, SAIC MAXUS has committed to the niche market of high-end multi-passenger transportation, already winning the trust of over 300,000 MPV owners globally, thus reputed as the “China’s MPV Dynasty”. With the debut of the 9 ultra hybrid and the 7 ultra hybrid, SAIC MAXUS MPV has further perfected its product family, gearing up to facilitate multi-passenger travels for more families globally.

The “For All” series MPV, tailored for every individual, assists every “Lifestyle Enthusiast” in their every journey and each household member, further defining intricate needs to match various scenarios. It also supports “Professional Achievers” to comfortably accomplish their business receptions, offering a familiar warmth as soon as they step in the vehicle. The newly launched “For All” Super Hybrid demonstrates an exceptional blend of comprehensive capabilities and competitive pricing, delivering an unexpectedly high-quality choice for consumers. The subsequent market performance will undoubtedly be fascinating to observe.

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