SERES Highlights New Energy Achievements at 2024 Auto Show

At the 2024 Beijing International Auto Show, SERES Automotive exhibited its AITO AITO series products and its latest technological achievements, highlighting the company’s R&D strength in the field of new energy vehicles. Chairman Zhang Xinghai, at the technology innovation strategy sharing conference, emphasized the advantages of the SERES Magic Cube platform and the achievements of its collaboration with Huawei.

During the exhibition, SERES Automotive prominently displayed its multi-in-one supercharging assembly and other core technologies, signifying the company’s leading position in the field of range extension technology. Particularly, its Range Extension 5.0 system achieved an industry-leading thermal efficiency of 45%, and an oil-electric conversion efficiency of 3.65kWh/L, demonstrating the company’s significant progress in energy efficiency enhancement.

The AITO AITO M9 is one of the models jointly designed by SERES Automotive and Huawei, equipped with an intelligent lighting system, reflecting the depth of their collaboration. Besides the vehicles themselves, SERES also displayed its charging services, premium accessories and APP services, offering a more comprehensive experience for users.

According to the company’s disclosed data, the user base of AITO AITO vehicles has nearly reached 300,000. The total mileage driven by its Autonomous Driving models has exceeded 480 million kilometers, and 68% of its daily active users use the intelligent parking function. These figures reflect the acknowledgment of consumers towards SERES Automotive’s technology and services.

The flexibility and security of the SERES Magic Cube platform support a variety of models and configurations. The company maintains an industry-leading position in Traction Battery System Technologies, range extension technology, Electronic and Electrical Architecture, and Smart Technology platforms. The SERES’s Super-Factory, with over 3000 robots, accomplishes 100% automation in key procedures and leads in production efficiency. Looking ahead, SERES Automotive aims to continue driving technological innovation and product quality enhancement, accelerating its development towards a technology-leading enterprise.

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