Huawei's Innovation in Intelligent Vehicle Light Technology Discussed at Forum

On the eve of the 2024 Beijing International Auto Show, the Huawei Qiankun Intelligent Vehicle Photonics Forum was successfully held in Beijing. The forum brought together numerous academic experts, industry leaders, and enterprise representatives to explore the latest research accomplishments and technological solutions in intelligent vehicle photonics. The goal of this forum is to stimulate innovation in the intelligent automobile industry, infusing it with new energy.

In his speech, Chen Shuangbao, the president of Huawei Intelligent Vehicle Photonics emphasized the pivotal role of intelligent vehicle photonics in the smart connected vehicle strategy and expressed his aspirations to collaborate with partners across various sectors to promote technological innovation and practical applications.

Dr. Li Xiaolong, the head of the Industrial Research Department at the Automobile Engineering Association provided an in-depth analysis of the development trends in the field of vehicle photonics covering HUD (Head-Up Display), in-car entertainment screens, and intelligent vehicle lights. He stated that intelligent vehicle photonics plays an important supportive role in the industry’s “New Four Modernizations” Transformation –Electrification, Intelligentization, Networking, and Sharing.

Zhao Hui, Vice President of SGS in China, shared his professional insights on AR-HUD (Augmented Reality Head-Up Display) and awarded the world’s first AR-HUD Gold Certification to HUAWEI xHUD on behalf of SGS. This certification symbolizes that Huawei’s product in this field meets SGS’s rigorous testing standards and achieves a high level of function, stability, and user experience.

Duan Wenping, the General Manager of SERES Intelligent Eco-Platform, discussed the application of intelligent vehicle photonics in the AITO M9 model and expressed his anticipation for its potential role in future smart car evolution.

Ji Mingzhong, the Vice President of Tencent Music Entertainment Group’s Quan Min K Song, explored the prospective applications of photonics technology in creating the “Third Space” inside vehicles, emphasizing the close integration of technological innovation and creative thinking.

At the conclusion of the forum, Chen Shuangbao pointed out that safety, intelligence, and comfort are key directions for innovation in Chinese car applications. Huawei Intelligent Vehicle Photonics will focus on core technology R&D and promote industry development through open partnerships.The exploration and outlook of intelligent vehicle light technology is the core content of this forum, providing a new interaction and display experience for the intelligent network connected vehicles. The development and application of technology require cooperation from multiple parties to promote the coordinated progress of the entire industry chain. The successful hosting of the forum not only promotes the internal communication and cooperation of the industry, but also provides valuable ideas for the future development of intelligent vehicle light technology. With the continuous advancement of technology, the significance of intelligent vehicle light technology in the intelligent vehicle industry is expected to increase, bringing consumers a safer, more convenient, and comfortable driving and riding experience.

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