Does new Super Van from Faraway NEV Meet Market Demands?

The Remote New Energy Commercial Vehicle Group as of April 3, 2024 has officially launched its electric large VAN model, the Remote Super VAN, aimed at meeting various market needs, encompassing the logistics and commercial travel sectors. The CEO, Fan Xianjun, elaborated on the model’s technical features and market positioning during the presentation, emphasizing its intelligence and performance advantages.

The Super VAN series encompasses four different models equipped to satisfy diverse clientele needs. The “Wealth Creation Edition” beginning at 128,800 CNY caters to the logistics market, offering a cost-effective setup. The “Intelligence Rich Edition” priced from 156,800 CNY enhances functionality; the “Pleasure Tour Edition” priced from 254,800 CNY targets the commercial travel market, providing an elevated ride comfort; whereas the elite custom model X-VAN, starting from 388,800 CNY, is designed for discerning customers.

To attract consumers, Remote New Energy has rolled out five limited-time promotions comprising finance and trade-in schemes amongst others, to reduce the customers’ purchasing cost.

The Super VAN incorporates numerous innovative designs to its technical specifications including electronic gear selectors, hidden drawers, and widened anti-slip steps, enhancing the vehicle’s practicality and convenience. Based on the GXA-M drive-by-wire intelligent architecture, the vehicle’s space utilization efficiency is augmented. The pillarless car design offers a side opening span of 2.1 meters, conducive for cargo loading and unloading. The trussed body frame structure coupled with the use of high-strength steel in excess of 70% assures the vehicle’s safety, adhering to the EU ECE collision regulations, and has undergone a 2.8 million kilometer endurance test.

In terms of power, the Super VAN is equipped with a high-integration three-in-one electric drive system, projecting a top speed of 135km/h and a climbing capacity exceeding 30%. The optional CTP-S battery offers a maximum range of 560 kilometers, supporting rapid charging. It takes just 20 minutes to charge the battery to cover a distance of 300 kilometers, with a battery protection grading of IP68.

The Super VAN comes with an intelligent configuration comprising a 12.3-inch central control large screen and AI voice system, featuring 30 intelligent safety elements such as the ADDW advanced distraction warning function and intelligent cargo hold monitoring system, enhancing driving safety and convenience.

As it debuts its first global store, Remote New Energy has established retail outlets in 32 cities, offering product showrooms and test driving experiences. It is projected the national store tally will reach 90 by September, thereby extending its market reach.

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