Leapmotor's New Lineup Shakes Up The Market: High Quality Below 200,000 Yuan?

On March 2nd, the LEAPMOTOR C10 Market Launch and the unveiling of the new product line for 2024 centered around the theme of “Choosing Cars by Looking at LEAPMOTOR. Value for Reference”, took place in Hangzhou. On the occasion, the founding father, Chairman, and CEO of LEAPMOTOR, Zhu Jiangming, revealed the latest model C10 and the brand new C11, C01, and T03 along with their prices.

The C10 is priced between 128,800-168,800 RMB, the new C11 ranges from 148,800-205,800 RMB, the new C01 is between 136,800-158,800 RMB and the new T03 is from 49,900-69,900 RMB. This combo has stirred up the automobile market as the 2024 fully new family bucket from LEAPMOTOR provides a new value benchmark for users choosing cars under 200,000.

Transitioning from last year’s “LEAPMOTOR’s price of 150,000-200,000 equivalent to the pleasures of a 300,000-400,000 car” to this year’s “Innovatively rolling and meticulously crafting car options under 200,000 for the users”, breathes the persistence of LEAPMOTOR in mastering core technology and its car manufacturing ideology that is oriented around the users’ needs, to deliver products that surpass the value and are of good quality but not expensive.

Valuing Innovation and Meticulous Product Crafting, “Rolling King” Zhu Jiangming Values User Reputation More

“Because of our independent and innovative technology, LEAPMOTOR can provide better materials and better configurations. C10 and the new C11, C01 models are equipped with flagship 8295 chips, high-ranking NAP smart driving, multi-link suspension, hybrid with over 200 km purely electric-range, 7.1 channel musical cabin, and other configurations and experiences unique to luxurious cars. To put it boldly, within the 150,000-200,000 price range, whatever LEAPMOTOR should have, it does, and even more!”, CEO Zhu Jiangming confidently expounded on the new products and technologies during the launch.

As a cross-industry automotive enterprise newly emerged from the IT industry, LEAPMOTOR has established the course of self-research technology since its inception. Earlier in January 2024 at LEAPMOTOR Automobile’s self-research open day, the technical philosophy of not showboating with technology but to service real needs was publicized. LEAP 3.0, transforming leading-edge technology into practical technology and surpassing customer expectations. Today, LEAP 3.0 technology has been fully integrated and applied to C10, the new C11, and the new C01.

On this product launch, LEAPMOTOR has disclosed the product values congruent to technical values: We not only have to innovate in automobile manufacturing, but we also have to do it painstakingly. What we provide to our users is not just more, but better. By persisting in regional autonomy, customers can enjoy exceptional intelligent sharing, exceptional value for money, and quality yet inexpensive products.”LEAPMOTOR’s new generation product not only gathers numerous cutting-edge technologies, but also invests considerable effort in user experience and product quality. For example, the C10 uses numerous top-class global suppliers that luxury cars are currently using. LEAPMOTOR seeks to innovate by rolling up and grinding out with care, enabling more consumers to enjoy high-quality products at economical prices.” said Zhu Jiangming with utmost frankness. Despite many people accusing LEAPMOTOR of being the “King of Rolling” in the past year, he clarifies that what they’re amassing are not prices, but innovative technologies, product quality, and consumer value. “Compared to the title of ‘King of Rolling’, we care more about the user reputation.”

The First Global Model C10 from LEAPMOTOR Launches, Offering a More Ideal Home for Young People

By 2024, despite the steep competition in the industry, thanks to its self-developed core technology, LEAPMOTOR has now entered the era of LEAP 3.0, led by a centralized integrated electrical and electronic architecture. The implementation of C10, a brand-new C11, and C01 has significantly enhanced the intelligence performance of the entire vehicle due to software-defined automobility.

At the launch event, Cao Li, the senior vice president of LEAPMOTOR, officially released the C10 and 24 new models, which are equipped with robust configuration and functions, demonstrating LEAPMOTOR’s strength of redefining car selection and fully meeting customer needs. Cao Li stated, “LEAPMOTOR enters the 3.0 product era, possessing the three major genes of intelligence, comfort, and safety. The only thing that can surpass the value for money ratio of LEAPMOTOR, is LEAPMOTOR itself!”

As the first global product and the representative of LEAP 3.0 from LEAPMOTOR, the C10 was officially launched. This a globally appealing SUV has previously won the International CMF Design Award in 2023 and the Gold Medal of French Design Award in 2024. The sales in various worldwide markets will start in the second half of this year.

The LEAPMOTOR C10 is a more comfortable home with a length of 4739 mm, a wheelbase of 2825 mm, meeting the medium-sized SUV standard. The available interior space is 1888 mm with a “house-efficiency” of 66.8%, which is on par with luxury-branded models. To create the most comfortable cockpit in the same level, LEAPMOTOR also invited user experience officers for over 40 rounds and ten-thousand-seats evaluations for the C10, aiming to perfectly conform to human body postures, delivering comfort comparable to Benz S-Class.

LEAPMOTOR’s C10 is a smarter home, equipped with a four-leaf clover centralized integrated electronic and electrical architecture and Qualcomm SA8295P flagship Intelligence Cockpit chip. Possessing a higher-level driver-assist system supported by Orin-X, laser radar hardware, and being a genuinely software-defined automobile product, LEAPMOTOR also leverages the 8295 chip, pioneering cockpit fusion, with integrated soundbox DSP functions, parking, 360-view and other features, achieving high-efficiency coordination of all car functions, and reducing fault risk further.LEAPMOTOR C10 is safer home, designed in accordance with C-NCAP, E-NCAP European double five-star safety standard. It offers consistent five-star-plus safety protection for global users. The white body of C10 has a torsional stiffness of 42500 N·m/°. Anti-collision beams for front and rear doors, B-pillar reinforcement plates, seat crossbeams, etc are made of submarine-grade 2000 MPa hot formed steel. The whole vehicle uses high-performance materials containing aluminium alloy with a proportion up to 73.6%, outperforming a number of top luxury brands.

LEAPMOTOR C10, a more ideal home, is setting a new value standard in the market – with less than 150,000, consumers can get an 8295 intelligent experience and a luxury car level sense of comfort. With a price of 160,000, it’s surprisingly equipped with a high-grade intelligent driving experience of LiDAR+ Orin-X driving chip, setting the benchmark for global products at 150,000 level.

Upgrade to 8295 +【Clover】and enjoy the advanced new LEAPMOTOR C11 and C01

As the sales and reputation double crown winner in their respectively segments in 2023, the double C flagship of 2024 LEAPMOTOR – C11 and C01 have undergone a full-dimensional upgrade, realizing advanced architecture, intelligence, comfort, and aesthetic appearance.

The all-new C11 can be claimed as “The Flagship SUV of New Energy Value”. In architecture, it implements the【Clover】centralized electronic and electric architecture advancement with automotive software definition, ensuring milliseconds OTA; In comfort, it incorporates front double fork arm + rear five-link independent suspension and FSD variable damping shock absorber to create enjoyable control and more stable driving and riding experience; In intelligence, it’s equipped with the Qualcomm 8295 top cockpit chip combined with the LEAP Pilot advanced intelligent driving assist system, assisted by LiDAR + OrinX chip, 5G communication + high-precision maps, offering NAP and 25 other driving assist functions; In aesthetics, it introduces a new pine green exterior, black+velvet brown interior, and new 20-inch 15-spoke meteor grey wheel; It achieves a total of 11 configuration upgrades and 11 quality optimizations.

The all-new C01 can be claimed as “The Flagship Sedan of New Energy Value.” Like the C11, it also implements the【Clover】centralized electronic and electric architecture advancement. The included front double-wishbone rear five-link independent suspension + CTC integrated chassis provides superior control and a luxurious feel. The larger panoramic skylight plan of 0.91 m² viewing area creates a vast view, a more spacious headroom for the rear seats and solves heat insulation and sunscreen issues at the same time; Equipped with a Qualcomm 8295 top cockpit chip, it provides a whole new smart cockpit and smart driving experience and introduces a brand new exterior colour of pine green and a new interior colour scheme of velvet brown; It realizes a total of 17 configuration upgrades and 14 quality optimizations.

As the double winner of the sub-market’s preservation of value and new user satisfaction, the LEAPMOTOR T03 has seen cumulative sales exceeding 150,000 units to date. Thus the brand-new T03 is rightly termed the “prime choice for urban commuting”, signifying the LEAPMOTOR’s first venture into the market for commuting vehicles.  With its fresh Spring-Green color, innovative Moonlight-Gray interior, and all-new 15-inch aluminum wheels, the T03 has been upgraded with standard leather seats and up to 12 other enhancements to create a superior commuting experience. This includes 14 optimizations on the seats itself, a redesigned central open channel and cruise control setting. The fresh T03 is also set to redefine the value standards of city commuting vehicles.

“From the quality and joy represented by T03, to the young and home-oriented families represented by C10, to the ambitious, mid-income families embodied by C11, then to the rational striving youths represented by C01, LEAPMOTOR is covering a comprehensive spectrum of public user demands. I can assertively state that with our ‘LEAPMOTOR family bucket’ for 2024, consumers can make a blind choice, each model guarantees exceptional value,” asserted Cao with assured enthusiasm.

LEAPMOTOR is also offering sincere promotional activities for existing products. Between March 1 and April 30, 2024, a cash discount of up to 32,000 Yuan on the 23-model LEAPMOTOR C01 series, a direct cash drop of 19,000 Yuan on the 23-model C11 series, and a cash drop of 15,000 Yuan on the T03 200 Lightweight Model. Disabled shoppers are welcome to inquire for more details at LEAPMOTOR stores.

Simultaneously, LEAPMOTOR has also provided a new point of reference in the industry for values within the 200,000 Yuan range at this launch. Parameters such as whether it is a size B vehicle or larger, whether it is equipped with a luxurious five-link suspension, whether it is a hybrid with a pure electric range of 200 km+, whether it is equipped with the 8295 flagship chip, whether it is equipped with advanced NAP smart driving, and whether it is equipped with a 7.1 surround sound music cabin, these six benchmarks now serve as LEAPMOTOR’s reference in value for car selection under 200,000 Yuan for 2024, offering brand-new value for users.

This article is a translation by AI of a Chinese report from 42HOW. If you have any questions about it, please email bd@42how.com.