The all-new IM L7 will hit the market tonight, available in four different configurations, with pricing ranging from 299,900 to 419,900 yuan.

At the same time, IM Auto has launched a time-limited car purchase discount that includes deposit deductions and configuration upgrade discounts, with a total discount of up to 63,800 yuan.

One of the technological highlights of the all-new IM L7 is the brand-new wheel-wise control chassis technology, which includes an intelligent four-wheel steering system, electronic intelligent damping suspension, EVD vector four-wheel drive technology and eTAC edge torque control technology, all aimed at providing optimized driving dynamics and vehicle handling performance. Moreover, ICS cloud brake will also be officially launched this spring.

In terms of interior, the IM L7 is equipped with 5D luxury executive seats and a full-format digital cockpit display. For intelligent driving capabilities, all models of the new IM L7 come standard with dual laser radars and the Orin X chip, supporting urban NOA (Navigation-assisted driving) capabilities and one-button AI Driver Assist 2.0, demonstrating IM Auto’s competitiveness in the field of intelligent driving.

The IM L7 also comes with the latest version of the whole vehicle’s intelligent software IM OS2.7.0. The system provides AI large model interaction and a series of new smart features to enhance user interaction experience.

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