Will the New DEEPAL SL03 All-Electric Version Challenge the EV Market?

On February 20, the DEEPAL SL03 pure electric edition is renewed, including 3 versions:

  • 530 Plus pure electric version priced at 156,900 yuan;

  • 530 Max pure electric version priced at 163,900 yuan;

  • 610 Max pure electric version priced at 173,900 yuan.

When it comes to power performance, the SL03 610 Max electric version stands out. Its maximum power reaches 190 kW, the peak torque hits 320 N・m, and it achieves the fastest zero to hundred acceleration in 6.2 seconds. In addition, the CLTC cruising range of the 610 Max Pure Electric edition achieves up to 610 km, more or less fulfilling the needs for long-distance driving for some users.

Moreover, the SL03 610 Max pure electric version adopts the rear-mounted rear-wheel drive, enhancing the vehicle’s handling stability through meticulous design in steering ratio and optimized suspension structure.

In terms of the three-electric sector, the brand-new DEEPAL SL03 pure electric version is built based on the EPA1 full electric digital platform. Not only does it escalate energy efficiency by equipping with a new generation of electric drive system and battery technology, it also ensures driving safety. The battery system has undergone 1,633 stringent tests, equipped with a 24-hour monitoring and rapid alarm system, guaranteeing safety during vehicle usage.

Regarding interior decoration, the DEEPAL SL03 features a rotating 14.6-inch control screen and seats made of suede, with the main driver’s seat even supports 12-way electric adjustment, thus enhancing the driving comfort.

With regards to intelligentization, the DEEPAL SL03 is powered by a 8155 chipset, furnished with gesture control, facial recognition technology, AR-HUD, and high-quality sound system, aspiring to provide users with a more intelligent and immersive driving experience.

In addition, the DEEPAL SL03 offers new optional packages, including a real leather steering wheel, real leather seats, rear-row privacy glass, and Michelin tires, satisfying the customization needs of consumers.

Taking everything into account, the DEEPAL SL03 broadens its product line in the new energy vehicle market by introducing a brand-new pure electric version, improving its competitiveness in the new energy vehicle market based on price and product strength.

This article is a translation by AI of a Chinese report from 42HOW. If you have any questions about it, please email bd@42how.com.