Chery's Fengyun T9 Hybrid SUV: A Game Changer?

On December 28, Chery Automobile announced the first off-line of the Fengyun T9 hybrid SUV at its super factory in Qingdao.

The Fengyun T9 is a model positioned in the mainstream hybrid SUV market of 150,000-200,000. Technically, the Fengyun T9 uses Chery’s independently developed Kunpeng Super Energy Hybrid C-DM technology. The application of this technology has enabled the engine thermal efficiency of this model to reach 44.5%, and the DHT mechanical efficiency is as high as 98.5%. In addition, its WLTC standard hundred kilometers fuel consumption is only 5.2 liters, with good fuel economy.

In terms of safety performance, the development of Fengyun T9 follows the global five-star safety standards. In addition, in terms of intelligence, the Fengyun T9 is equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 cockpit chip in order to provide users with a more intelligent cockpit experience.

Currently, the annual production capacity of Chery’s Qingdao super factory, which produces the Fengyun T9, is expected to reach 200,000 units. The factory integrates advanced production lines of the four major workshops: stamping, welding, painting, and assembly. Among them, the 6,600-T die casting machine used in the stamping workshop and the 350 robots in the welding workshop demonstrate Chery’s investment in smart manufacturing. The application of the AI quality control system has improved the precision and efficiency of production. The environmentally friendly B1B2 water-based paint used in the paint shop and the 0.1mm high-precision assembly realized in the assembly shop further highlight the company’s emphasis on environmental protection and quality.

Chery Group’s plan to launch 11 new models in the next two years reflects its long-term planning and commitment to the new energy vehicle market. The off-line of the Fengyun T9 can be described as a milestone in the implementation of Chery EV’s strategy. With the launch of new models and the efficient operation of the super factory, Chery Group’s layout in the field of new energy is worthy of market and consumer expectation.

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