Choosing Between Avatr 12 and ZEEKR 001 - A Chat with Owners

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42Talk, unveiling the authentic voice of car owners.

Hello everyone, welcome to 42Talk.

There are a wide variety of options for electric sedan in the new energy industry this year. In this episode, we have invited two owners of the Avatr 12 to share their decision-making process in purchasing vehicles, along with the models they compared. We hope that this will provide some reference for everyone.

Our Guests:

  • Nick:Owner of the Avatr 12, transitioned from conventional fuel to electric vehicle, budget for vehicle was 300-400k, resides in Hangzhou, Zhejiang
  • Towers:Owner of the Avatr 12, first-time new energy vehicle owner, budget for vehicle was 300-400k, resides in Ningbo, Zhejiang

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01 Basic Information


After seeing the images of the Avatr 12 released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, I immediately visited their local offline store. Initially, I chose the Avatr 11 but switched to the Avatr 12 as it was about to be officially launched.

Because I was closely connected with the sales department, I attended an offline launch event in Binjiang, Hangzhou, hosted by Avatr on November 10. Since I had been following this car for quite some time, I made my purchase on the night of the launch event.

I decided on the 700 Tri-Laser Rear Drive Deluxe Edition in grey, and selected the Comfort Package and rim.

I opted out of the digital rearview mirror. However, I regretted this decision after test-driving the car. But, since I had already locked in my order and further changes would affect the delivery time, I decided not to alter it.


In May, I learned that Avatr might be launching a sedan model by the end of the year when I went to see the ZEEKR 001. So, I had been waiting ever since, almost half a year now.

I visited the showroom and made my purchase the weekend following the November 10 live stream because I wanted to get my vehicle as early as possible.

I chose the 650 Tri-Laser AWD Performance Edition in purple, and selected the Comfort Package, electric doors, and the rims.

02 Reasons For Buying

Usage Scenario


This is my second car, but the first new energy vehicle. The reason I switched from a gasoline car to an electric car is mainly because the intelligent capabilities of gasoline cars couldn’t keep up.

I have a terrible sense of direction, so I always have to use a navigation system when I go out. But driving a gasoline car meant that I always had to use mobile navigation, which I couldn’t stand, so I decided to just switch to an electric car.

The primary purpose I bought this car is for family use: 1. dropping off and picking up my wife from work; 2. transporting my children to school; 3. occasionally shopping for groceries with my mother, and perhaps there would be a few social necessities for myself on occasion.Avatr:

I highly value intelligent functions but traditional cars are far behind right now. I noticed electric vehicles as early as 2021, when ZEEKR 001 was released during my university days. It seemed to me that electric vehicles had better intelligence and configurations than traditional cars of the same price.

Now that I’ve just graduated, I mainly use my car for commuting and for leisure trips.

Sedan or SUV


I’ve always wanted to buy a sedan. I never considered an SUV. If I prefer driving by myself, I’d definitely choose a sedan.

There may be more family members in the future, but I still wouldn’t consider an SUV. By now, I’m almost certain that if I were to buy another car, it would probably be an MPV. So the final combination might be a sedan plus an MPV.

I’ve pretty much settled on the ZEEKR 009. A faithful fan of ZEEKR 009 keeps recommending it to us every day.

Under his influence, several of our friends have switched from other MPVs to 009. I often drive his car, and indeed, I think it’s well made and very safe.


I used to prefer SUVs. But later, somewhat slowly, I felt that sedans might look more handsome than SUVs. I don’t know the exact reason for this change in aesthetic taste, but sedans just feel more attractive to me.

When I first saw the Avatr 12, I found it very handsome. Then, suddenly, I felt the difference between SUVs and sedans is not that large.

Anyway, my car shopping requirement is that it has to be ‘awesome looking’.

Most Important Criteria for Buying an Electric Sedan


There are three main factors for me when choosing an electric car: the first is its overall safety; the second is its range – charging the battery must be very convenient; the third is its intelligence and current hardware capabilities, which can support potential software upgrades in the next 2-3 years.


For me, the first factor would be its exterior design hehe! Then comes intelligent driving assistance, like how Avatr features the HarmonyOS cockpit. Whether it’s voice interaction or the smoothness of the car’s system, it’s all top-tier and very attractive to me. The third factor is the vehicle architecture, such as its safety and aluminum alloy ratio.

What most appealed to me about Avatr was its aesthetics and its partnership with Huawei. Both factors are quite significant. If it weren’t for Huawei’s support, I don’t think I’d consider buying an Avatr.

03 Comparative Models


  • ZEEKR 001: It is a vehicle that people of our age, like Avatr and myself, really can’t overlook. Its mechanical quality is astounding and I was quite determined to get it at one point but eventually backed out. The hardware of ZEEKR 001 won’t be able to support software updates in the coming years because autonomous driving at levels L3 and L4 are about to come in.
  • NIO ET5T: If I were to describe the NIO ET5T in one word, it would be ‘small’.
  • ZEEKR 007: I participated in a circuit presentation where they explained the technology behind the ZEEKR 007 and I must say, I was impressed. Not only does the vehicle look much better than it does in photos, but its entire tri-electric performance also appears to be impressive, much like the 001. Overall, I believe this is a high-performance car and a great choice.
  • LUXEED S7: While the LUXEED S7 and the ZEEKR 007 are fantastic, I ultimately chose the Avatr 12. This is because, in my mind, the 5-meter mark serves as a division between class B and class C cars. In addition, price is another determining factor for me: at around $30,000, these cars classify as either B or C. Although this is not the formal classification method, in my mind, the Avatr 12 seems to reach a higher level.
  • Tesla: I never considered owning a Tesla. Firstly, since I would prefer owning a domestic car, Tesla was a no-go for me. Secondly, the interiors by Tesla are not to my taste.
  • Xpeng: Xpeng was another brand I did not consider, in spite of its commendable intelligence features. The reason for this was its brand name, which I could not get past.


  • LUXEED S7: Compared with many, the LUXEED S7 seems to be the direct competitor to the Avatr 12 in terms of intelligent driving and cockpit. However, I felt that the Avatr 12’s interior space and design slightly surpassed that of the LUXEED S7 which is why I chose Avatr 12.
  • ZEEKR 001: I gave thought to the ZEEKR 001 however, its disappointing support driving technology and vehicle system made me reconsider.
  • LI MINI: As for the LI MINI, its sudden emergence in the market was somewhat overwhelming and unexpected. It wasn’t that their products were underwhelming, but rather their random appearance that made people feel uncertain about their reliability.
  • Tesla: Despite my earlier fondness for Tesla, much like NiFeng, I wanted a domestic vehicle. The lack of dashboard in Tesla’s design made it unacceptable for me.

The second option to Avatr


In fact, I have many friends who prefer gasoline cars and during the process of my electric vehicle selection, one friend who is fond of gasoline-powered cars, constantly advised me against electric vehicles.

His reasoning was that the electric vehicle industry is still undergoing rapid changes and development. Thus, he suggested purchasing a classic gasoline vehicle for 1-2 years, with the assurance that there wouldn’t be significant losses.

Furthermore, by this time, the full-electric technology is likely to be more stable, and the standards for intelligent driving would be set higher.If I don’t choose the Avatr 12 now, I might go for the CLS 350 Hunting Edition that my friend has been recommending to me. If no desirable electric car is available on the market, I might opt for a petrol car for a transition period of 1-2 years.

Actually, there is a twist. I was waiting for the remodel of the ZEEKR 001, but when their boss said it wouldn’t be available until the second half of next year, I could no longer wait. Luckily, the Avatr 12 just came out, so I booked it straight away.

Little Tower:

I feel that in the current new energy market, if I don’t buy the Avatr 12, it seems like there are no other cars that I really like.

Unless the ZEEKR 001 collaborates with Huawei, I believe their collaboration would result in a top-grade product.

I have also looked at some petrol cars before, and if I don’t buy a new energy car, I might go for Jaguar or VOLVO.

04 How to Stand Out Among Brands

Against The Wind:

All these car companies, with great funds under their own management, may sometimes make the wrong decisions.

From the perspective of a car user, I feel it’s important to focus on the car itself: Firstly, both its hardware and software must be good.

By ‘hardware’, I mean it must be enjoyable to drive and safe; this is, in my opinion, the most important factor and the prerequisite for a good car.

The ‘software’ refers to the intelligent drive and comfort of the car; neither can be particularly weak.

If there is a shortfall in either of these two areas I believe it will be overshadowed by the new products that outperform it.

As Little Tower just mentioned, I think the ideal situation would be a vast platform powered by Huawei, which would be like a combination of ‘King Kong’ with soul.

If they could really collaborate on such a car, I believe people would definitely want to vote with their wallets.

Little Tower:

The product itself.

I think the two most important features of new energy vehicles today are: one is mechanical quality, the feel of control; the other is assisted driving.

These are two points that make new energy vehicles more advantageous than petrol cars at the same price, and also two points that attract the most attention.

Another is reasonable pricing. For example, if the cost of your product is obvious, people are generally willing to pay for it at a normal price. However, if the cost is only around 100k, but the set price is far higher than market norms, people will become skeptical and feel buying this car is like being swindled.

Against The Wind:

I want to add, in my mind, there is a simple equation which comprises exposure + conversion rate.

First, you need enough exposure – what we in the Internet Industry call traffic. Then, there is the conversion rate. The product of traffic and conversion rate is the actual number of people willing to pay for you.

Avatr, for instance, gained plenty of traffic starting from the design aspect, plus the fact that Yu Chengdong himself generates a lot of traffic.

Same goes for ZEEKR 001; its original exterior design and mechanical quality garnered a large amount of traffic.Conversion rate is essentially the product itself. It’s necessary for the product to perform firmly, as it is futile if the system cannot handle a large influx of traffic.

05 Expectations for XiaoMi Cars

Against the wind:

I have always held a high level of respect for Lei Jun. Taking the mobile phone industry as an example, before XiaoMi’s entrance into the market, there were numerous counterfeit devices in Huaqiangbei. However, XiaoMi eradicated their existence and it seems like they established a relatively high standard for mobile phones. As for their venture into the automobile industry, Lei Jun has described it as a gamble he is making on his life.

I look forward to seeing if XiaoMi Cars can establish standards for the automobile industry the same way they did for budget mobile phones. I don’t mean that it needs to aim for the high-end market, rather, it should be setting a base standard that’s essential for entry into the industry.

I was quite astounded when I saw the specs released by XiaoMi on the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s website. If I’m not mistaken, the output of the dual motors may reach almost 500 kW. I might not have seen the battery specifications yet, but the power and motor specs are impressive.

Additionally, the exterior design has been revealed, with the front car face resembling Porsche. If they can ensure top-quality while pricing the EV around $25,000, I believe they will become a significant player in the market.

Little Pagoda:

Huawei and Meizu have entered the automobile industry, with Meizu pairing with Geely and Huawei bringing notable advancements such as extraordinary ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) and car machine developments.

Being a titan in the smartphone industry, I am eager to see the astonishing changes XiaoMi can bring to the automobile industry.

For instance, if Huawei has brought groundbreaking ADAS and car machine technology, I’m curious about the kind of technology XiaoMi will introduce.

06 Message to the Readers

Against the wind:

In my opinion, the most important thing about buying a car is knowing your pain point, the current issue that needs to be solved.

For instance, if your family size is increasing, you might consider buying an MPV, and select the best out of the available MPVs. If you are newly married but without children, you might discuss it with your partner and cater to her preferences, ha ha ha.

Little Pagoda:

Choosing a car is a highly personalized matter, as everyone’s aesthetics and values vary.

Some might find the Avatr 12 attractive whilst others don’t, it all depends on individual needs.

One essential factor is “Do not force yourself“. Many people in the market don’t find their desired car model but still feel compelled to buy a new energy vehicle.

I believe it’s better to wait for a while and purchase a car that meets your expectations rather than reluctantly buying a car that you don’t like. This makes the experience more enjoyable.

This marks the end of today’s content. Thank you for your time.

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