Hyper GT Integrates Sensen's Advanced AI Tech: A Game Changer?

At the 21st Guangzhou Auto Show on November 20, 2023, SenseTime Phantom showcased its latest achievements in intelligent driving and intelligent cockpit domains.

In the field of intelligent driving, SenseTime Phantom’s BEV Target Perception Algorithm, BEV Lane Line Perception Algorithm, and NN-Fusion Fusion Perception Algorithm have been integrated in the Hyper GT and other models. The core of these algorithms enhances the accuracy of target detection, ensuring vehicle stability under various driving environments, while optimizing lane line recognition.

Hyper GT not only adopts the above-mentioned intelligent driving technologies, but also its intelligent cockpit ADiGO SPACE 5.0 is standard equipped with SenseTime Phantom’s developed DMS driver monitoring and OMS passenger monitoring solutions. These systems offer real-time monitoring of the driver’s fatigue status and potential hazardous behaviors, making a safer driving environment. Additionally, SenseTime Phantom’s gesture perception and child-care features provide extra safety and convenience for passengers.

In addition, SenseTime Phantom’s technology has also been applied in the intelligent cockpits of JT Traveler, GAC ES9, E8 series, and Honda Accord. Also, ZEEKR X’s new additions to its OTA updates, the “Sentinel Mode” and intelligent B-pillar interaction system, are based on SenseTime Phantom’s AI technology.

As of the first half of this year, SenseTime Phantom’s technology has seen appealing market performance, with 390,000 units delivered and more than 5 million new fixed points, and over 160 models in total. This reflects SenseTime’s continuous efforts in providing intelligent product solutions and its ongoing advancement in cutting-edge technology research and application. With further technological maturity and widespread market acceptance, SenseTime Phantom is expected to occupy a significant position in the intelligent automotive industry.

This article is a translation by AI of a Chinese report from 42HOW. If you have any questions about it, please email bd@42how.com.