VOLVO Launches First Electric MPV Model EM90: A Union of Luxury and Sustainability

On November 17th, at the Guangzhou Auto Show, VOLVO introduced the first electric MPV model, EM90.

The design of this vehicle emphasizes a combination of Nordic minimalism and environmentally friendly craftsmanship, while not forgetting to enhance its safety performance. The exterior design of EM90 incorporated aesthetics of light and shadow. The front grille and the brand badge light up when switched on, enhancing recognition in the dark. It comes equipped with intelligent matrix headlights and adaptive high-beam functionality. The aerodynamic design of the vehicle line optimizes the aerodynamics, achieving a low drag coefficient of 0.270 Cd, which is critical for improving energy efficiency and range.

The EM90’s interior design follows a Nordic minimalist style, offering five ambient light modes, and adds a touch of luxury through the real wood bamboo pattern translucent decorative panel and a wide panorama skylight. The interior layout is spacious and comfortable, equipped with multifunctional seats and high-end audio systems. The third-row seats are adjustable and foldable, improving comfortability and practicality.

Additionally, the new vehicle uses double-layer soundproof glass and privacy glass to improve the tranquility and privacy of the cabin. Seat design features ergonomically developed zero-gravity pressure-relief sponges, further enhancing seat comfort. The vehicle is equipped with a Bowers & Wilkins sound system, acoustic noise reduction technology, and quiet tires, to ensure passengers enjoy a tranquil journey. The in-car intelligent multi-function large screen and rear 15.6-inch smart screen plus smart control panel provide passengers with a high-tech and convenient infotainment experience.

Regarding the suspension system, EM90 carries dual-chamber air suspension and electronically controlled shock absorbers. These advanced suspension technologies automatically adjust according to the road conditions, ensuring optimal comfort and driving experience. The pure electric power system not only enhances the quiet and smooth driving experience, but under the CLTC conditions, it can reach a range of 738 kilometers, offering competitive performance in the current electric MPV market. Besides, EM90 supports bi-directional charging functionality, catering to users’ everyday charging needs and provides a possibility for energy interconnection of electric vehicles.

The launch of the VOLVO EM90 marks the brand’s further expansion in the field of pure electric vehicles and showcases its commitment to sustainable transportation solutions. As the global automotive market gradually transitions to electrification, the arrival of the VOLVO EM90 undoubtedly provides consumers with a new environmentally friendly, safe, and luxurious choice.

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