The Launch of 2024 Rising R7: A Blend of Comfort and Tech?

On November 17, the 2024 Rising R7 officially went on sale with 3 models available, priced from 189,900 to 229,900 RMB. Additionally, the Rising F7 Urban Edition was launched concurrently, priced at 189,900 RMB.

The design philosophy of the new Rising R7 is to create the styling of a medium-to-large-sized coupe SUV, while emphasizing the integration of comfort and a modern sensibility. With a vehicle length of 4.9 meters and a wheelbase of 2.95 meters, the increase in vehicle dimensions and wheelbase has noticeably enhanced the riding space. The 1.855 square meter panoramic sunroof provides passengers with an extensive field of view.

In terms of dynamic comfort, the Rising R7 is equipped with the Rising Bay Area Driving System. Based on the three-axis aviation technology concept, it can deliver a 4K-level linear power output, exceptional linear electric brake, and more insightful steering feedback. This enhances the comfort of the new car in urban stop-go, mountain road cornering, and highway lane-merging scenarios.

Inside the cabin, the new R7 debuted the sustainable and evolving Rising Bach cockpit. It is equipped with the Rising Bach Master steering wheel and immersive vector sound technology. The use of NVH noise reduction measures and anti-motion sickness system aims to uplift the riding experience.

Intelligent interaction is another key highlight of the new R7, including Huawei’s Visual Enhancements AR-HUD head-up display system and the EVERUS PILOT driving system. These systems, through 31 perception hardware and a fully integrated algorithm, can improve the smart driving experience.

The Rising F7 Urban Edition focuses on enhancing battery range and power output, with a 500km range and a zero-to-hundred acceleration time of 6.7 seconds demonstrating the power of its advanced lithium iron phosphate M-Cube battery. Beyond that, the Rising F7 Advanced Edition is equipped with a 77-degree ternary lithium battery and offers additional comfort upgrade packages and a new array of colour options.

It’s worth noting that the enhancement of the driving range is another appealing selling point for the Rising R7 and F7, achieving a CLTC range of 670km and 702km respectively. The launch of the second-generation Rising battery replacement station has further intensified its competitiveness in the field of new energy, making it a single-occupant battery replacement.The station’s rapid battery exchange feature and efficient operational capabilities provide users with a more convenient energy replenishment solution.

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