Is LEAPMOTOR's Global Market-Minded C10 a Game Changer?

At the Guangzhou Auto Show, Leapmotor unveiled their first global model, the Leapmotor C10. The new vehicle, developed based on the LEAP 3.0 technical architecture, offers both pure electric and range-extended power system options, catering to diverse consumer needs.

In terms of exterior design, the new car adopts multitudes of straight lines and flat surfaces with sharp corners. The skirt line, waist line, and water cut line form a three-line wrap, paired with trident wheel hubs and a wing-shaped rear spoiler, conveying a stable, safe, and reliable feel.

The interior features a 14.6-inch central control screen and a waterfall rhythm ambient light, creating a simple yet warm cabin atmosphere. Additionally, the interior incorporates extensive use of environmentally friendly materials, such as baby-safe silicone for the rear baby dining table.

Regarding space efficiency, the C10 measures 4739mm in length with a wheelbase of 2825mm, achieving a space utilization rate of 66.3%. This means that while it maintains compact body dimensions, it provides a spacious interior. 3D ergonomic seats and multiple cup holder designs further enhance its practicality and comfort.

The new car is equipped with a ‘four-leaf clover’ central integrated electronic and electrical architecture, offering higher computing power and stronger data processing capability. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295 chip supports voice recognition, multimodal interaction, and integrated cabin parking experience. In addition, the new car will also feature laser radar technology.

For safety performance, the new vehicle adopts the second generation of CTC integrated battery chassis technology. Thanks to the high level of integration of the CTC 2.0 one-piece skeleton structure, the overall torsional rigidity of the car reaches 42500 N.m/deg, an impressive figure amongst its class.

On the whole, the debut of the Leapmotor C10 not only showcases the company’s strengths in tech-innovation and design but also provides solid product support for its global strategy. With the increasing competition in the new energy vehicle market, the launch of Leapmotor C10 undoubtedly strengthens Leapmotor’s competitiveness.

This article is a translation by AI of a Chinese report from 42HOW. If you have any questions about it, please email