Chery Unveils New Energy Series, Aiming Global Market!

On November 9, Chery Automobile held the “Wind from the East – Chery 2023 Night of New Energy” in Beijing, officially introducing the brand-new “Fengyun” new energy series, in addition to showcasing for the first time, the Fengyun A9 and Fengyun T11 concept models.

In fact, the name “Fengyun” was first proposed by the Chery brand in 1999. It was and is the first sedan produced by Chery. With the rollout of the “Fengyun” sedan came an end to the monopoly of joint ventures. Chery’s journey into overseas exportation began from this point.

Today, the release of the new generation of “Fengyun” series vehicles signifies Chery’s commitment to seizing opportunities in new energy and intelligence, promoting new energy technology and products to the global market, and providing global customers with transportation services.

At the press conference, Zhang Guozhong, the executive vice general manager of Chery Automobile Co., Ltd., claimed that Chery Fengyun satisfies the global demand for new energy technology and products under universal standards. Over 80 national contexts concerning the application scene, habit, road condition, regulation, and standard facilitate Chery in elaborating on its research and development strategy. He emphasized that Chery Fengyun is not just China’s wind and cloud, but also the world’s wind and cloud.

From a product dimension, the Chery Fengyun series is designed with high-strength steel and aluminum to build a lightweight space cabin, equipped with hot-formed steel and ultra-high-strength steel, realizing super-standard vehicle safety. It also comes with a triple safety system for the battery, including resistance to heat, impact, and water. In terms of intelligence, the Fengyun series is equipped with L3+ level autonomous driving functionality, supporting intelligent driving in complex traffic conditions such as city intersections, roundabouts, and narrow lanes.

As per the Chery Fengyun plan, eleven new models will be launched within two years to meet the needs of global consumers. Simultaneously, Chery Automobile will build a new service system for Fengyun series users, with plans to set up 400 sales outlets, 1,500 service outlets, and provide nationwide after-sales service for Fengyun series vehicles.

The release of the Chery Fengyun new energy series is indicative of Chery Automobile’s new standard in green, intelligent travel and reflects the wisdom of China to the world, showcasing the charm of Chinese automobiles and Chinese manufacturing.

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