ROEWE's D7: The first in a new product line

SAIC ROEWE’s brand new product line “D Family” first car model, ROEWE D7, was officially launched on November 8th.

ROEWE D7 is a mid-to-high-end new energy sedan, offering two power systems, pure electric (D7 EV) and plug-in hybrid (D7 DMH).

For the D7 EV, the listing price ranges from 143,800 to 170,800 yuan, and for the D7 DMH, the price ranges from 121,800 to 141,800 yuan.

Even in such a fiercely competitive market this year, the pricing of ROEWE D7 is suitably aggressive. Aggressive pricing necessitates an equally aggressive product.

In terms of space, the ROEWE D7 has a body size of 4,890 x 1,890 x 1,510 mm and a wheelbase of 2,810 mm. The rear has 933 mm of legroom and 945 mm of headroom, providing a comfortable basis in terms of dimensions and space.

With the “Yunxiu Intelligent Cabin”, the ROEWE D7 has further enhanced its comfort. The ROEWE D7 adopts the brand-new Zebra Smart Car machine system, and the screen uses dual 12.3-inch LCDs. The seats also contain industry-leading soft foam padding.

ROEWE states that the ROEWE D7 could be considered advanced comfort due to its spaciousness.

In terms of electricity, the ROEWE D7 EV interprets the “True Pure Electric” EVERUS concept, professionally optimizing and enhancing power, cruising range, and battery safety. It’s built an electricity safety system which includes five layers of protection and passed the double needle puncture test, ensuring a reliable and safe battery.

Regarding passive safety, the ROEWE D7 EV adopts a cage body of higher torsional stiffness, with high-strength steel accounting for 64.64%, and torsional stiffness of 29200N•m/deg, far surpassing industry standards.

In terms of the power system, the ROEWE D7 DMH has a super hybrid system, achieving longer range, lower fuel consumption, better NVH, and stronger reliability. Furthermore, the ROEWE D7 DMH is equipped with a dedicated high-efficiency long-range battery. The CLTC comprehensive range is as high as 1,400km when the fuel tank and battery are both full, leading its competing products.The release of the ROEWE D7 manifests the R&D strength and innovative capabilities of SAIC ROEWE in the new energy vehicle market.

With the ROEWE D7, ROEWE has commenced its full-speed charge into the new energy market.

It is worth mentioning that according to ROEWE official staff, current real orders for the ROEWE D7 have already exceeded a thousand, with the next target being to sell over ten thousand per month.

Whether the ROEWE D7 can achieve monthly sales of over ten thousand, we wait with bated breath.

This article is a translation by AI of a Chinese report from 42HOW. If you have any questions about it, please email