Unmanned Mining Solutions by Yi-kong Zhijia: A New Benchmark?

On October 25, at the 20th China International Coal Mining Technology Exchange and Equipment Exhibition hosted by the China Coal Industry Association, YiKongZhiJia participated and released a new unmanned driving solution for mines that realized technological upgrades and record-breaking achievements.

The two products released by YiKongZhiJia are the open-pit mining unmanned driving solution “ZhuShan” and the new energy unmanned driving wire control platform “YuShi”.

“ZhuShan” and “YuShi” have the characteristics of scale and replicability, and can support efficient vehicle operation and high safety redundancy.

“ZhuShan” and “YuShi” have been used in more than 300 mining trucks of 4 models, and the total unmanned driving mileage has reached 3.54 million kilometers.

Among them, “YuShi” is the industry’s first unmanned driving new energy wire control platform, which can realize the new function iteration upgrade from manned to unmanned, improve reliability, and meet the needs of the mining transportation scene.

Lin Qiao, Vice President of Strategy at YiKongZhiJia, said:

From the perspective of the integrated smart driving system, we have filled the gap in the industry. The standardization and modular design support a rapid upgrade from manned to unmanned and are generally adaptable to multiple manufacturers and models, which is groundbreaking.

The launch of these two products has also received unanimous praise from experts. Wan Duanwu, Secretary of China’s Coal City Development Joint Promotion Association, said:

As the mining unmanned driving company with the world’s largest unmanned driving fleet, YiKongZhiJia has become a benchmark for the real application of mining unmanned driving in terms of capacity and efficiency.

YiKongZhiJia has not only achieved a leading position in the industry through technological innovation, but also realized commercialization through cooperation. It has established cooperation with companies such as National Energy Group, Tebian Electric Group, National Electric Power Investment Group, and Zijin Mining Group, and has successfully built the country’s first intelligent mining benchmark project with new energy unmanned driving.

According to official news, there are currently more than 200 new energy unmanned driving mine trucks equipped with the “YuShi” platform operating regularly in the open pit coal mine of Tianchi Energy in Xinjiang. And this location has become the place with the largest scale of unmanned driving fleet in a single mine worldwide.

By providing sufficient safety and efficiency in the mining industry, the unmanned operations of YiKongZhiJia can work up to 21 hours per day, exceeding the average human driving operation by about 2 hours. The implementation results show that YiKongZhiJia’s unmanned driving technology has reached 100% of human efficiency.As a recognized national-level specialized and innovative “Little Giant” company, Easicontrol Intelligence has made entry into five out of the top ten open-pit coal mines nationwide, continuing to lead industry development. In the future, Easicontrol Intelligence will continue to offer increasingly intelligent and efficient products, contributing to the construction of smart mines.

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