WinTruck Tech Achieves 50 Million Km Zero-Accident Operation with their NOA System, is it the Next-Gen Tech for Trucks?

At the second Tech-Day of “Charge On, Truck NOA” on August 29th, YINCHE Tech announced that its intelligent truck driving system, NOA, has safely operated with zero accidents for more than 50 million kilometres. Since the successful mass production of intelligent heavy trucks with OEM partners in 2021, YINCHE Tech has achieved large scale commercial operation of intelligent heavy trucks. The founder and CEO of YINCHE Tech, Ma Zheren, stated that this accomplishment is the result of collective efforts made by partners in the auto-driving truck industry, with YINCHE’s NOA trucks now covering national highways.

YINCHE Tech has collaborated with over a hundred various goods vendor and freight teams to provide regular intelligent heavy truck operating services and conducts commercial operations on more than 340 transportation routes across seven core economic regions nationwide. During more than 600 days of commercial operation, the autonomous mileage accounted for over 90%, providing customers with safe, labor-saving, and fuel-efficient solutions.

Concerning safety, according to the industry’s first complete annual insurance data report for intelligent driving heavy trucks jointly released by Pacific Insurance and YINCHE Tech, intelligent driving modes can reduce more than 75% of rate per hundred kilometers pre-collision warning, lane deviation warning, and sudden deceleration warnings when compared to manual driving modes.

After testing the fatigue levels of drivers over 120,000 kilometers, drivers using YINCHE’s NOA showed physiological and psychological fatigue reduced by 35% and 11% respectively. Meanwhile, trucks using NOA are 3%-7% more fuel efficient than traditional trucks, and on 30% of the regularly operating routes, fuel consumption can be reduced by 7%-10%.

Additionally, YINCHE Tech comprehensively explained the three core technologies of the new phase of Truck NOA: an end-to-end network with safety barriers which maximize intelligent utilization of the network and ensure the safety of auto driving; an immense data set from commercial operation in conjunction with highly intelligent LLM large model, which has created the YINCHE super driver coming close to the standard of excellent human drivers in behaviour; the smart driving hardware platform, with a redesigned ADCU computing platform on the hardware system providing potent AI and CPU computing capability; at the platform software level, YINCHE Tech developed core functions in vehicle hardware management, basic system software functions, functional safety and information security management; regarding the truck EEA architecture, YINCHE Nebula Architecture provides more efficient and flexible solutions.

YINCHE Tech has also signed procurement and strategic cooperation agreements with leading logistics customers such as STO Express, ZTO Express and Deppon Express.

This article is a translation by ChatGPT of a Chinese report from 42HOW. If you have any questions about it, please email