Revolutionizing Off-Road EVs: Tank 500 Hi4-T - A Powerful and Efficient Super Hybrid SUV Set to Launch on June 26

On June 26th, the Tank 500 Hi4-T is set to launch, becoming the first off-road new energy vehicle for the Tank brand.

The Tank 500 Hi4-T features the off-road super hybrid architecture Hi4-T, developed by Great Wall Motors, boasting outstanding performance in power output, energy management, and four-wheel drive systems. Through the collaboration of the engine and the electric motor, the vehicle can easily extricate itself during critical off-road moments.

This model adopts a “2.0T engine + 9HAT transmission” power combination, with a maximum combined power of 300kW, a maximum torque of 750N·m, and a highest transmission efficiency of 97%. The combined fuel consumption is as low as 2.2L/100km, and the pure electric range reaches 110 kilometers, meeting user requirements for driving efficiency and convenience.

In terms of off-road performance, the Tank 500 Hi4-T is equipped with 11 driving modes. The 3.3kW external power supply function is convenient for outdoor use, and the 2.5-ton towing capacity meets towing demands. The vehicle’s interior is sufficiently luxurious, featuring Nappa leather seats and a tranquil cabin environment.

In the realm of smart technology, the Tank 500 Hi4-T is equipped with a 12.3-inch full-color digital LCD instrument cluster, a 14.6-inch floating center console display, a 7-inch rear armrest screen, and a HUD head-up display. Additionally, the Tank 500 Hi4-T features an L2-level driving assistance system, making long distance cruising even more effortless.

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