BMW iX1 Unveiled at Shanghai Auto Show with New Generation Operating System and Dual-Motor Four-Wheel Drive System

The BMW iX1 made its global debut at this year’s Shanghai Auto Show, and the high-end model will be equipped with a dual-motor four-wheel drive system and be made in China.

The BMW iX1 is the first to apply the 9th generation operating system of BMW, which is integrated with a suspended curved screen that includes a 10.25-inch digital instrument panel and a 10.7-inch central touch display.

The BMW China digital development team participated in the development of the 9th generation (BMW) operating system throughout the definition, design, development, and delivery life cycle, with 70% of the functions customized for Chinese users by the local development team based on their needs.

The 9th generation (BMW) operating system’s main screen has BMW navigation as the background and supports other functions while viewing navigation information. The map interface is designed based on Chinese users’ habits and can adapt to driving needs in both day and night. At the same time, BMW has also optimized the entry logic of the application and vehicle settings, making the entry more intuitive. The application in the menu can also adjust itself according to the user’s usage habits and preferences.

On the 9th generation (BMW) operating system, the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant responds more quickly and accurately, with conversation content more natural and following Chinese people’s habits.

The BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant supports users to switch between “Harmony” and “Vitality” visual images. Under the “Vitality” visual image, the animated “double pupils” design displays six emotional expressions more vividly. Under different My Modes theme modes, the colors of BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant can be adapted, making the interaction between people and cars more emotional.

The 9th generation (BMW) operating system introduces a full-time online navigation system. The new eRoute route planning function will recommend the optimal charging plan along the way, and relevant charging stations will be used as waypoints, providing information on the available status, fast and slow charging types, and estimated charging time of each charging station. When the vehicle’s remaining range is not enough, the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant will recommend the most suitable charging station nearby.

The BMW iX1 features elegant body proportions and lines. According to the BMW Group, following its “Home in China” strategy, the iX1 offers a unique extended rear seating area for the Chinese market, with a wheelbase of over 2.8 meters.

On the exterior, the BMW iX1 is equipped with a new, sculpted crystal grille design, which optimizes its aerodynamic performance. The adaptive LED headlights extend from the front to the side of the car, with semi-concealed door handles located above them. The shoulder lines extend from the front wheel arches all the way to the taillights.

The BMW iX1 offers an X Design package and an M Sport package, marking the first application of the M Sport package on a compact SAV. The M Sport package includes an M Sport steering wheel and integrated M Sport seats.

The interior features Veganza premium synthetic leather, with a delicate texture present on the seat surface, armrests, and door panels. The roomy rear seats are further extended and thickened for enhanced comfort. The BMW iX1 also comes with the BMW Digital Key Plus, which utilizes ultra-wideband technology.

The BMW iX1 adopts the fifth-generation BMW eDrive electric drive technology, with both front and rear axles equipped with synchronous motors; additionally, it is equipped with BMW xDrive intelligent all-wheel-drive system, front suspension using HRS hydraulic rebound shocks, and the ARB anti-slip stability control system and DSC dynamic stability control system.

Moreover, the iX1 also offers, for the first time, BMW’s Pro automatic driving assistance system and Plus automatic parking assistance system.

The iX1’s charging control system has also been completely upgraded, with intelligent charging power regulation that, when coupled with alternating overall and local cooling methods, is able to significantly reduce charging times. Additionally, the optimized charging cooling system can extend the battery cell’s health and longevity.At the raw material level, the iX1 wheel hub will have a renewable aluminum proportion of up to 70\%. In addition, the new vehicle will use low-carbon automotive steel for the first time, which can reduce carbon emissions by up to 30\% in the production process compared to traditional steel.

The birthplace of iX1, the BMW Brilliance Tiexi plant, follows the BMW iFACTORY concept and has realized 100\% use of renewable energy in the production process. Through systematic measures such as energy-saving and efficiency-enhancing, water resources and waste management, and recycling, it has created a model of green manufacturing. In the future, after the power battery of the new vehicle retires, it can still be used in a hierarchical manner or closed-loop recycling, which is of great significance for protecting the ecological environment and improving resource utilization.

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