NIO and Sinopec Celebrate Two-year Milestone of Groundbreaking Partnership for EV Charging Infrastructure


On April 15, 2023, NIO and China Petrochemical Corporation (Sinopec) celebrated the second anniversary of their strategic partnership.

Two years ago today, NIO and Sinopec signed a strategic cooperation agreement, paving the way for their all-round cooperation in co-building charging and swapping infrastructure and creating an innovative partnership model between the global energy and automotive industries. On that day, the world’s first NIO second-generation battery swap station was officially put into operation, witnessed by both parties.

Today, on the second anniversary of the cooperation, the first batch of two third-generation battery swap stations co-built by NIO and Sinopec have officially opened, marking another important moment in the deepening cooperation between the two parties.

Over the past two years, NIO and Sinopec have jointly built 251 charging and swapping stations, with one China Petrochemical Corporation (Sinopec) cooperation station going online every three days on average. The 251 charging and swapping stations include 102 battery swap stations, 121 fast-charging stations, and 28 destination charging stations, covering 27 provincial-level administrative regions and 89 cities, providing users with convenient charging services.

The cooperation between NIO and Sinopec has milestone significance for the development of China’s intelligent electric vehicle industry. The two parties will continue to efficiently integrate resources to provide better charging experiences for intelligent electric vehicle users and contribute to the “carbon peak and carbon neutrality” goal.

It is worth mentioning that in November 2021, in addition to the cooperation with Sinopec, NIO and Shell announced plans to launch a joint brand charging and swapping network. The two sides plan to establish 100 joint charging and swapping stations in China by 2025.

The cooperation between NIO and Shell will also radiate to Europe: joint brand charging and swapping stations will be installed in Europe starting in 2022. Starting with pilot projects in Norway, they will eventually cover the entire region.


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