AVITA 11 Single Motor Edition: Long-Range, Smart, and Available for Delivery in April

Author: Wei Xing    Editor: Pan Tan

On the evening of March 24, Avita 11 single-motor version was officially launched, offering two models with a price range from RMB 3.199 million to 3.499 million. The new car provides a long-endurance single-motor version that accommodates a 90-degree battery and an ultra-long-endurance single-motor version that accommodates a 116-degree battery, with a pure electric range of up to 705 km using the CLTC technology. Additionally, the entire series is equipped with the HI Huawei full-stack intelligent vehicle solution, as well as 3.5 solid-state laser radars and AVATRANS smart navigation systems as standard. If ordered now, the earliest delivery date will be April 1.

In response to the launch of this single-motor version, the manufacturer also provides multiple purchase benefits: before April 24 (inclusive), the first owner will enjoy a lifetime vehicle and three-electricity warranty, with a RMB 5,000 deposit offsetting RMB 10,000 in car payments, RMB 10,000 direct discount for full payment, RMB 8,000 cabin comfort upgrades, RMB 6,000 insurance subsidies, and exclusive smart home charging piles.

Quick overview of the new car:

  1. Price range from RMB 3.199 million to 3.499 million.

  2. Standard equipped with intelligent driving assistance system, 3.5 solid-state laser radar.

  3. Equipped with an intelligent cabin system developed based on Huawei HarmonyOS.

  4. Single-motor version, rear-wheel drive, with a maximum power of 230 kW and 0 to 100 km/h acceleration within 6 seconds.

  5. Long-endurance single-motor version that accommodates a 90-degree battery with a range of 600 km, and an ultra-long-endurance single-motor version that accommodates a 116-degree battery with a pure electric range of up to 705 km using the CLTC technology.

  6. Supports 750V high-voltage fast charging, with a maximum charging power of up to 240 kW.

Compared with the current dual-motor four-wheel drive priced at 349,900 to 434,900 yuan, the single-motor version has further lowered the entry barrier.

The styling of the new car’s interior and exterior is basically the same as the current dual-motor four-wheel drive version, with a highly recognizable appearance, but the single-motor version no longer has the electric tailgate configuration.

As for the powertrain, the Avita 11 single-motor version adopts a rear-wheel-drive format, equipped with the Huawei DriveONE intelligent electric drive system, with a maximum rear motor power of 230 kW, and a zero-to-100 km/h acceleration rate of 6 seconds. As for the suspension system, it includes a front aluminum double-wishbone, rear five-link independent suspension, with aluminum alloy materials used for the subframe, steering knuckles, and control arms.

The power battery comes in two specifications, 90 and 116 degrees, with a pure electric range of 600 km and 705 km, respectively, using Ningde Times CTP 2.0 ternary lithium battery, with a maximum energy density of 190 Wh/kg. It supports 750V high-voltage fast charging, with a maximum charging power of 240 kW, and is compatible with third-party DC charging piles, with a 200 km range increase for a 10-minute high-voltage fast charge.

At a press conference, Avita Technology CEO Tan Benhong announced that the Avita 11 is about to receive its first OTA upgrade, including RPA remote parking, birthday surprises, voice car control, remote seat heating, and dashboard navigation information display.

In addition, Tan Benhong shared several sets of data. As of March 24, the cumulative delivery of Avta 11 dual-motor version has exceeded 6,000 vehicles. Compared with the previously released cumulative delivery of Avta 11 exceeding 4,000 vehicles as of March 2, there has been a significant improvement.

The high-speed NCA has been used for over 400,000 kilometers, and the APA intelligent parking has been called more than 120,000 times. Tested over 1,600 kilometers of high-speed road, the system was manually overridden only twice. At present, the high-speed NCA has covered nearly 259 cities and nearly 300,000 kilometers of high-speed and urban structured roads nationwide. Avta 11 single-motor version with standard high-speed NCA is available upon delivery.

The Avta 11 single-motor version is still equipped with the AVATRANS intelligent navigation system built on the Huawei ADS intelligent driving solution, with 3 laser radars, 6 millimeter wave radars, 12 ultrasonic radars, and 13 cameras. The entire system supports high-speed and urban NCA intelligent driving assistance at the hardware level. The urban NCA function will be gradually opened in cities such as Shenzhen, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Chongqing, realizing point-to-point intelligent driving coverage of the three core scenarios of high-speed, urban area, and parking.

It is thanks to the HUAWEI full-stack intelligent automotive solution that Avta 11 will also become the first batch of car models to iteratively upgrade to Huawei’s latest generation of high-end intelligent driving system ADS 2.0, and also achieve urban NCA without heavy reliance on high-precision maps.

Just one day before the launch of the AVTA11 single motor version on March 23, AVTA Technology announced a comprehensive cooperation agreement with Huawei Software Technologies on terminal cloud services. In addition to jointly creating high-end intelligent EV brands and products, AVTA and Huawei’s Terminal BG will also cooperate comprehensively in all fields, including application ecology of Huawei terminal cloud services and the HarmonyOS smart scenario ecology.

AVTA Technology’s Chief Strategy Officer Ma Xinjie said, “This signing not only deepens the strategic cooperation between AVTA and Huawei, but also expands the scope of cooperation from jointly building high-end intelligent EV brands and products to comprehensive cooperation in fields such as brand promotion, application ecology, AI and smart scenarios.”

Huawei’s Terminal BG Cloud Service President Zhu Yong said, “Huawei will fully leverage its advantages in industry influence, brand dissemination, and HarmonyOS ecosystem’s cross-terminal collaborative capabilities to carry out innovative cooperation with AVTA Technology in fields such as automotive marketing technology and HarmonyOS smart scenario ecology.”

The launch of the AVTA11 single motor version not only enhances the competitiveness of the model, but also lowers the threshold for purchase. The intelligent driving system remains unchanged and standard three-and-a-half solid-state lidars and Huawei’s ADS advanced driving assistance system are still included, enabling consumers to experience advanced intelligent driving assistance at a lower cost. In terms of channel construction, AVTA Technology will further deepen cooperation with Huawei and is expected to enter over 20 offline Huawei stores in the first half of the year.

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