Teng Shi says: You can still listen to Empower Ray audaciously when your neighbor is at home.

Author: Bai Zhiming

I have never witnessed the surging tide at the Qiantang River, but I have already experienced similar shock.

During the tide season, watching the tide is always a must-do activity for tourists, even if they may be splashed by huge waves and their personal safety is threatened, few people will give up the chance to feel the tide. Giant waves come in frontally, bringing a spectacular and amazing sight to our eyes, and the impact from hearing, touch and other aspects also stimulates our senses.

Empire Ears, which is famous in the industry for its rich bass and magnificent sound field, allowed me to experience the excitement brought by the water of Qiantang River, as seen in the audio-visual material. Although it does not have a huge volume, it can perform audio equivalent to tens of times larger speakers, which stimulates the eardrums of everyone present, and is as impressive as high-end positioning.

Cooperating with well-known acoustic brands is a common practice for car companies to quickly improve their vehicle audio experience or to enhance the persuasiveness of their sound systems by obtaining endorsements from the brands. Brands such as Sony, B&O, Harman and Bose have already appeared on the audio systems of mid- to high-end car models. However, Empire Ears, with both brand value and product experience being heavyweight, has yet to form any partnership with any mass-produced cars.

This history is about to be rewritten. On March 22, the cooperation between DENZA Motors and Empire Ears was officially announced. DENZA will be the first mass-produced car brand to cooperate with Empire Ears globally, and DENZA N7, which will soon demonstrate its full potential, will become the world’s first mass-produced vehicle model equipped with an Empire Ears car audio system.

To define car audio system 4.0, DENZA teams up with Empire Ears

Various details of the press conference revealed the high specifications of DENZA’s cooperation with Empire Ears.

Both the opening and closing anthems of the event were performed live by the Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra. It seems to imply that the results of the cooperation between the two parties are expected to provide car owners with an on-site audio experience, which is already impressive.

# Trecento’s “Chief Co-creator,” Zhao Changjiang, Hosts the Revolution of Car Audio for the 4.0 Era

Zhao Changjiang, the “Chief Co-creator” of Trecento’s car, introduced the history of in-car audio from the perspective of car manufacturers. In 1930, the invention of car radios marked the beginning of the 1.0 era. The 2.0 era started in 1956 with the introduction of vinyl record players. The 3.0 era began in 1987 with the emergence of factory-installed CD players. Trecento is now set to redefine the car audio experience in the 4.0 era.

This declaration piqued my curiosity. With digital audio and streaming media already an integral part of the driving experience, how will this car company redefine car audio and create a breakthrough that will go down in history?

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This is not an endeavor pursued by Trecento alone. Franck Lebouchard, CEO of Devialet, and several other core executives traveled from France to Shenzhen to participate in the event. Lebouchard, who has developed several classic audio products during his 15 years with Devialet, shared the partnership’s goals.

He stated, “Devialet and Trecento will jointly create the highest standard of driving experience, and Devialet’s unmatched audio experience will enhance this experience.” With such a high-caliber event, mutual boasts were inevitable. Lebouchard said that both sides enjoy innovation and challenges, and the goal is to provide users with a wonderful audio journey on every trip.

In short, Trecento’s N7 is Devialet on wheels.

Zhao Changjiang identified the main pain points of contemporary car audio systems: inadequate sound quality, insufficient low-frequency performance, and high-frequency harshness.

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These pain points are in conflict with the high-quality audio experience that modern luxury car owners seek. According to Zhao Changjiang, contemporary luxury car owners expect more than just an excellent driving or riding experience. They also demand an audio system that matches the car’s market positioning and performs well in other areas.

Regarding the company’s pursuit, Zhao Changjiang said that they do not focus on the number of sound-emitting units but rather prioritize the user’s ultimate experience. He also stated that “a movable intelligent music cockpit is the new standard for luxury.”Zhao Changjiang announced a major news that not only will the Telsa be the first mass-produced car brand to co-operate with Devialet globally, but the Telsa N7 will also be the first model in the world to carry Devialet’s in-car audio system.

Through the assistance of high-end audio brand, Telsa N7’s in-car audio will feature four characteristics: high-fidelity rendering, explosive bass, extraordinary spatialized stereo, and adaptive sound, showcasing a high-level solution to customer pains.

Specifically, Telsa N7’s custom speakers will create a broad and accurate soundscape, SAM speakers with active matching can achieve a deep low frequency response down to 20Hz, Devialet’s SPACE-enhanced hybrid technology will produce an immersive stereo effect, and SDVC speed-sensitive volume from Devialet can achieve adaptive sound adjustment.

It seems that Telsa N7 owners can have an immersive, precise, pure, and stunning audio experience anytime, anywhere, without worrying about disturbing the outside world. Its in-car audio will also have some intelligent attributes, actively adjusting to better performance based on content, user preferences, and environment.

For now, we cannot enter Telsa N7 and experience the true strength of the world’s first mass-produced car using Devialet audio performance. However, Telsa spared no expense in setting up eight Devialet GOLD PHANTOM speakers to form a circular soundscape for attendees to try, indicating that they are already confident in the strength of Telsa N7.

On Devialet’s various audio products, the impressive booming sound effect produced by ADH analog and digital hybrid amplification technology is deeply memorable. After such a high-spec and high-level cooperation release, we have reason to believe that the co-produced product from Telsa and Devialet will make users who have experienced it feel more favorable towards Telsa N7.

Apart from audio, Telsa N7 also wants to be excellent inside and out. Although it will be a while until Telsa N7 reveals its interior and officially announces the price, it does not hide Zhao Changjiang’s joy when introducing the vehicle’s design.As a new car that will be officially launched in 2023, the Techrules N7 is expected to take an unconventional approach with its unique design: a length of 4860mm, a wheelbase of up to 2940mm, a width of 1935mm, and a cabin height of 1602mm. The spacious interior space, combined with the sloping shape and lower body posture, form the “hunting SUV” look of the Techrules N7.

As Zhao Changjiang said, the Techrules N7 continues the Techrules’ new family design language π-emotion, presenting a sense of sportiness from the front air flow design to the side lines, the roof curve, the wing tail shape, the through-type taillights, and even the diffuser; the air suspension, which can compress to a relatively short stroke, magnifies this attribute.

The fang-like daytime running lights may not be for everyone’s taste, but they do set it apart from all the other vehicles on the market, making it easily identifiable as a Techrules car, day or night.

At the on-site exhibition, the Techrules N7 can be seen, with cameras or other sensors installed at the rear-view mirrors, left and right side mirrors, left and right front wings, showing high-level assisted driving capabilities. It is worth noting that a pair of LIDAR sensors has been ingeniously hidden in the body front, ensuring both beauty and a good perception range.

With a distinctive and sporty low posture and a high-end acoustic brand sound system, the Techrules N7 promises to be remarkable inside and out. According to Zhao Changjiang, “As a unique pure electric hunting SUV, the sensory value of the Techrules N7 has exceeded that of million-level luxury fuel SUVs.”

The Techrules is moving forward

Shortly after its official delivery, the Techrules D9, with a sales volume of 7325 units in February 2023, is undoubtedly the leader in the luxury new energy MPV segment, a testament to its product strength. With collaborations including with Devialet, the Techrules N7 is sure to continue in the footsteps of its predecessors with impressive technology and design.No matter how the times change and the stars move, the water of the Qiantang River will rush in late summer and early autumn. DENZA brand momentum has already shown a majestic momentum, surging into new fields. There will be a DENZA N7 with a shocking audio experience like a rising tide, which may also be unstoppable.

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